It’s really been a pretty busy week, hasn’t it boys? I’m not used to it, it seems the older I get the fewer things I can focus on at once. I’m glad the weekend is finally here, now I can just focus on some awesome porn for you guys to enjoy. As always we’re kicking it off with my hand-picked selection (pun intended) from NakedSword, and once again it’s a diverse smattering of interesting action that I think you’re all gonna want to check out. If you’re still not aware of why you need to be a member there check out our NakedSword Review, honestly, this site sells itself.

MEN OF THE WORLD: BERLIN (01:10) click to watch

Berlin is one damn horny city!

A lot of things are said about Germans, especially when it comes to their sexual interests. Come on, you’ve all heard the totally unfair things people say about how kinky the Germans are. Well, while I would like to try to dispel that, from my experience it’s actually a little bit true. I’ve met dudes from all over, and I can safely say that German men are some of the horniest fuckers I’ve ever met. I’m not into all the freaky stuff, but when it comes to jizz, pissing, public sex, clubs, parties, orgies… they’re really into it. This movie from director Jack Jones and the Men Of The World, Alphamales Studio and Eurocreme Group studios (compilation) shows just how greedy for dick these dudes are, and they’ve really picked these scenes well. The guys are damn fine looking men and they know how to wield their big uncut wangs for each other. You get four scenes in this one, a couple of duos and two threesomes, and they’re all great. I’ve wanked off to it all but I have to admit that the final scene with three dudes fucking and sucking in what reminded me of an old gymnasium is probably the best one. You can get just that scene of course, but I think you should invest in the whole movie and really make a delicious meal of it.

STR8 2 GAY IN 69 MINUTES (01:14) click to watch

Is any guy REALLY totally straight?

This might not be the *best* DVD where we get to see a straight dude go from solo jerking to fucking another guy in the ass, but it’s definitely worth watching and I had to add it to my Friday list, mainly because the guy exploring it all in this release is a damn fine straight dude with damn fine dick! This is all about a guy named Big Mac, and his new friend Samuel. Big Mac was apparently duped into a jack off solo thinking he was getting into straight porn and he’d make money fucking chicks, but then he got the chance to get some head from a dude at Amateur Straight Guys and everything changed. Samuel is the equally hot jock guy helping him along and we get a great solo with him too before the guys meet and Big Mac gets his big meat sucked, grabs another guy’s cock for the first time and then plunges his dick into the guy to fuck the cum out of him! If you’ve ever had the chance to help a straight guy out with his dick then you know how common it is for them to get a little more curious about things, and that’s exactly what happened to Mac. You guys might know what I like by now, so you won’t be surprised to know that the mutual jerking these guys share, cock to cock, is a damn good highlight!

BECAUSE THEY CAN (03:42) click to watch

We are totally jealous of all of them

IWe all have all kinds of fantasies, and some are stranger than others, but I think every guy on this Earth has wondered what life would be like if they could suck their own cock. I’ve had dreams about it, I’ve met guys who can do it, and I love seeing videos of dudes who can taste their own prick and shoot their cum right into their own mouths. As you can imagine, Because They Can is all about those guys, and a whole lot more. And yes, before you ask, the run-time shown above is correct, because this DVD comes with TWENTY scenes of guys jacking off, sucking themselves, blowing each other and fucking butt too. It’s not all about self sucking, but that’s included in every scene as a running theme, and it’s fucking hot to watch! The Vivid Man studio is responsible for this orally obsessed masterpiece, and it most certainly should be in your permanent collection if autofellatio is something you can appreciate (and every single guy can). This is one of those movies where it almost doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight or somewhere in-between, almost all dudes would want to see these guys worshiping their own meat with such skill!

RAW WORK LOADS (01:49) click to watch

Hard working men play even harder!

I know I’ve said this before, but give me a hard working hunk with a tool belt and I’ll be on my knees and worshiping his dick within seconds. Honestly, aside from cops, frat boys and straight dudes, blue collar men are like my Kryptonite. This movie from director Trenton Ducati at Hot House Entertainment/Falcon Studios Group is packed with hunky dudes with hard dicks, looking for some mouths to feed and butts to fuck, and it’s all set in some great locations. As you can imagine with these studios being involved, you get a lot of major gay porn stars in this one, and every one of them is perfectly suited to the role. There’s not a twink in sight here, just horny and handsome men with raging fucksticks slamming them into each other. You have dudes like Arad Winwin, Blaze Austin, Cazden Hunter, JJ Knight, Pierce Paris and Sean Duran hauling out their tools and getting to work on eager holes that need filling, and it’s worth kicking back and spending the full 01:49 minutes thoroughly enjoying it. You get five scenes of hardcore bareback action in this release, and I’m not gonna pick a fave scene because there isn’t one, it’s all awesome 🙂

So there you have it boys, my pick of some of the best hardcore you can find on one of our favorite sites this week. If you’re still not sure about being a member there you need to read the NakedSword Review, that should explain everything and convince you to get your butt in there.

Have a fab Friday guys, even if you’re getting laid tonight warm up with one of these movies 🙂

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