Us gay guys are a greedy bunch, aren’t we? I was just looking through my list of new NakedSword releases I’ve enjoyed this week and I noticed that most of the new arrivals of the last seven days are all about the big boys. It’s weird, I know most of us just like cock, regardless of whether it’s 6 inches or 10, but porn seems to always focus on the 10. I’m not complaining too much even if it sounds like I am (really, whatever floats your boat) but it’s just an interesting observation, and perhaps an excuse for why there’s so much big cock in this post! Check out my little list for this week, and read the NakedSword website Review if you haven’t already, that’s an order!

ROUGH ME UP (01:51) click to watch

click for the Rough me Up gay porn dvd
Bad boys get mean!

I’m a bit of a pussy, I freely admit it. When I see a mean looking dude, no matter how hot he is or how horny I am, I back away. I’ve never been the kind of guy down for being thrown around and buggered to within an inch of my life, but I do like seeing it on video when equally rough dudes are desperate for a little domination and control. That’s what you get in “Rough Me Up” from the Vimpex Gay Media and Toxic Unlimited studios, just real fucking horny guys gobbling cocks, fucking faces, ramming their meat into other dudes holes and totally owning their hookups, just like the guys want. You get four scenes in this one, with a couple of threesome fucks that are well worth watching. Matthews-Phillipps, Bozek, Christian Matthews and Fostter Riviera are a few of the greedy guys featured in this bareback movie, and they will definitely keep you entertained if you love it raw, rampant and hardcore. These guys are real into it, so click to watch it if you’re as into is as they are!

MATE DESIRES (01:58) click to watch

click to watch Mate Desires day porn dvd
Friends with benefits!

I’ve never heard of the Naked Beauty studio before, or at least I don’t think I have, but if this is the kind of movie they produce then I think I might need to look into what else they’ve done. Fans of adorable European twinks with hard uncut dicks will want to check this one out. I actually recognize a few of the boys in this movie from some of the Euro gay porn studios, but it’s great to see such a diverse collection of twinky boys all in one place like this. It’s all raw fun in these five scenes, of course, and it’s all along the theme of friends hooking up and taking their bromance to the next level. I will give you one word of warning… one of the scenes in this collection is ball-crushingly painful to watch. I mean that literally, one of the scenes includes a boy getting his nuts clamped! My nads are aching just thinking about it. Don’t let that turn you off though (or maybe you like that kind of thing?) the rest of this DVD is pretty damn hot and these boys will definitely have you gushing cream 🙂

TWO HANDFULS (01:28) click to watch

click to watch Two Handfuls gay porn dvd
More than a mouthful is a waste, apparently

You guys know I love some good classic gay porn, so you probably won’t be surprised to know that I really enjoyed “Two Handfuls” from Bijou Gay Classics. I’m gonna be honest here and admit that quite often I check out a DVD like this and most of the scenes have been in ten other vintage porn collections, but this one surprised me. It’s mostly from the early 1980’s (you can tell from the jeans and the wild bushy hair) and it’s packed with smooth and handsome young guys who all look like they could have been an extra in Top Gun. The cast list for this one is insane, so I’m not adding it, you’ll have to go and check it out for yourself. There’s far too much action and far too many guys appearing in this one to detail it all, but you’re gonna want to check out the orgy in the adult cinema. I wish we still had adult cinemas like that today, whenever I see a clip of what guys used to get up to in those places I feel like I was born in the wrong decade. Go and check it out!

TWINK RAW THERAPY (01:17) click to watch

click for twink raw therapy DVD
I need a therapist like this!

Movies like this one from RawEuro sometimes make me wonder if I’ve been getting the definition of “twink” completely wrong for most of my life. I don’t know about you, but when I think of the word I imagine slight and slim young guys with big dicks and tight little butt holes. There are some gorgeous ones in these four scenes of bareback youthful fucking, but a few of these guys are far too fit and toned to be considered twinks, in my opinion. I ain’t complaining, these guys are all gorgeous and I would gladly be at their mercy for some hardcore fun with any of them. If you live European gay porn then you’re definitely going to recognize a few of the young men appearing in this movie. I knew some without needing to check the names, but then I’m a perv who watches far too much porn so that’s not surprising! The “Therapy” theme for this one is quite loose, by the way, then again I don’t think you’re gonna be watching this for any kind of story lol

There we have it boys, another hot collection of hardcore from the awesome NakedSword site to keep you all busy for a while. I recommend taking a look around there and seeing what else you might have missed this week, and read our NakedSword Website Review if you you’re still not a member, you’re gonna want to sign up.

Have a great Friday, and let me know in the comments what you thought of any of these movies. Have you watched any of them yet?

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