Well, it’s been another busy week over at NakedSword! I checked in a few times to watch some horny action and believe me, I was kept busy, and surprised! We have 12 new DVD releases to watch, and four great GayHoopla scenes to fap ourselves silly over. It’s a pretty wild mix of raw daddies, gorgeous muscled jocks, and big black cocks. So kick back and check out a few of the fap-worthy gay porn highlights…

NakedSword Workout #2

OUT OF NOWHERE (01:56) click to watch

hairy men in out of nowhere gay porn dvd
Hairy daddy dudes are so cuddly!

I admit that the cover for Out of Nowhere kind of looks a little romantic. However, the hardcore action these big and burly hunks of manly goodness share in this new arrival from Big Rig Studios is anything but. These guys are hungry for it, and they really don’t hold back. Coincidentally, I was looking for some “trucker” action when I stopped by and found this movie. While that’s not strictly the theme here the men in this one definitely satisfied my desire for some downright dirty, hairy, grunting, powerful bareback fucking.

For fans of more ample figures, there’s a great gang bang scene with some big bearish brutes pounding a lucky guy. You might want to check that out. Alessio Romero is a fave of mine but he’s only in one scene and I wish he could have been in all of it. I am known for being greedy though, and I will not apologize. It’s still worth watching. Even though I basically just admitted that I want a full two-hour movie of him fucking a clone.

BIG BOYS HUSTLE (02:47) click to watch

Big boys Hustle gay DVD by bareback enterprises
Rough dudes in big-dicked bareback!

Yep, we’re still on a bareback kick, and we’re getting it good with this awesome release from Bareback Enterprises Inc. The cover for this one doesn’t quite do it justice in my opinion. Nevertheless, this might be one of those times when a big-dong perspective angle would have been a good thing and not at all dishonest. This is all about the rough and genuine action guys get up to when they’re really greedy for dick (story of my life). You know every now and then a video comes along where you can just tell the guys would be doing that anyway even if the cameras weren’t rolling? This is one of those.

These dudes are packing some real meat and they know how to work it. There’s a street trade feel to this one, with real filming that doesn’t put on any airs and graces. With guys like Armin Philipps, Jan Losch, and Patrick Bauer you can be sure of a good time. They might not be world-famous names in gay porn. Nonetheless, they definitely bring a realistic feel to the action here that a lot of studios just can’t do convincingly. Oh, and fans of uncut schlongs (which is surely all of us!) will love this too. There’s plenty of big hooded European man-meat on offer in this one, and loads of cum being slung around too!

BLACK NUT BUSTERS (01:17) click to watch

big black cocks in black nut busters dvd from East Harlem Productions
The dicks are black, not the nut, just to clarify

I admit that sometimes I am an idiot and I take things as written. So when I saw the title of this one I immediately thought how gross it would be if cum were any color other than what it is. And now I want to go and bleach my brain, damn my very visual imagination! Of course, it’s not the cum that’s black, it’s those big gorgeous dongs these hot dudes are swinging. With more than an hour of action, you get to check out some amateur-themed hardcore with some great guys who just want to get that cream splashing. Who could blame them, right?

I don’t know what decade this is all from, but I’m thinking of the early 2000s. It’s got that handheld camera feel to it, but better than Cloverfield style, if you get me (and you do, you always do). We get a great mix of guys just enjoying themselves. Although it’s amateur you can tell none of it is faked the way a lot of “amateur” porn is these days (gotta cash in on a successful niche somehow, right?!) There’s a lot to love about this, but I especially loved the foreskin docking. You don’t see that much these days, I guess it went out of fashion or something? Formulaic studios who produce “suck – fuck – ride – cum” videos day-in and day-out should take some good fucking notes.

FIELD OF CREAMS (01:20) click to watch

Field of creams dvd
“If you fuck him… he will cum…”

I’m a sucker for a good rip-off of a Hollywood movie title. You probably won’t be too surprised that I giggled a little when I saw this one. Don’t worry, this isn’t all about ghosts and baseball. This is an action-packed fuck-fest of gorgeous young guys in the very American twunk theme. Studios Eon Films and Vulcan Men bring this delightful series of scenes to us, starring some gorgeous young men in actually passable settings. There’s a distinct cornfed feel to this movie and the guys appearing to carry that off really well.

My favorite scene has to be in the locker room, a staple of gay porn, with Alex Cross, Chase Mathews, Kyle Aames, and Tyler Mason enjoying a veritable feast of stiff-dicked fun. If I’m gonna make one slight complaint about this baseball-themed movie it’s that there’s not enough uniform action. It would have been great to have at least one uniformed coach just getting his dick out and banging away on a player, for example. Other than that this is a classic from the ’90s (I’m guessing) and one that I think a lot of you guys are gonna love. Click the link above to go and check it out.

NakedSword Weekly Recap

That’s just a taste of what you’ll find there, of course. If I listed it all we would be here all day and you would be sooo terribly sick of me you’d doxx me on Twitter or something. There are thousands of movies to watch aside from the 12 new arrivals this week. If you still need any convincing then check out our NakedSword Review. If you already know what you’ve been missing out on, just click here and get straight to it! 🙂

See you next week for another update, have a fab Friday night!

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