Weekly NakedSword Workout #3

Happy Friday Ya’ll! I’m not Texan, I just really like saying it like that. I hope your week has been a good one, it ended with a load of terrible crap but if you go and hug someone or do something nice you’ll feel marginally better about things, I promise. In the meantime, I have something pretty damn good to distract you from the rolling news cycle, which we all need now and then. Check out some of the highlights I’ve been enjoying at NakedSword this week and click through to watch them. You know you wanna!

NakedSword Weekly Cum Workout


Rocco Steele's My Stepdad Jerked Off The Swim Team dvd
Free hand jobs all around!

This is not something you see very often from a hardcore gay porn studio like Dragon Media, but I fucking love it! They’re keeping things simple and stroke-worthy in this special feature focused entirely on the act of masturbation. There’s something special about this because it’s far easier to get straight performers into gay porn when there’s solo jack off scenes to shoot or all they have to do is stroke a cock or get their load wanked out of them. I believe this is why there are so many obviously straight guys appearing in this one.

I’m not gonna list all their names, because you probably don’t give a damn. Nonetheless, I will tell you the lucky guy getting to stroke all those big dicks in the circle jerk scene with the swim team is daddy dude Allen Silver. You’re all jealous of him in this one, right? There are three other scenes to enjoy. First, a mutual jack off between two jock guys, a solo wank with a heavily inked dude, and some great boner buddy oral that’s just delicious to watch. There are loads of big cocks, loads of muscle, and plenty of cum splashing around. If hand jobs and cum pumping with straight jocks is your thing (it’s everyone’s thing!) you should click above to check it out.

TEENS FUCKED SENSELESS (01:29) click to watch

Teens fucked senseless dvd
Delinquent youths get butt fucked

I was a pretty good lad when I was younger, not a saint by any means but all the shenanigans I got up to were barely a blip on the local crime scene. Honestly, I never did anything that could have gotten me into a juvenile detention facility. And now you’re wondering why I’m saying this… “Teens Fucked Senseless” is released by the Boys Halfway House studio, which as far as I can tell has one long-running theme of bad lads being sucked and fucked by dominant daddies in this theme of delinquents being taught a lesson.

I have to admit it’s a pretty fucking hot situation. These three scenes seem to feature young amateur guys being buggered to the limit in a power play scenario who really don’t seem to mind it all that much! Jack Lowe, Mason Ridge, and Will Hahn are the three boys getting their buttholes stuffed with raw dick in this one. Altogether, all three scenes are worth watching, especially my fave with cover boy Jack. He really puts on a good show! Click the cover or the link above and check it out.

A NIGHT WITH TODD STEVENS (01:09) click to watch

A night with Todd Stevens
Dayum, he fine!

I was going to ask if it’s considered bad form for me to not know who Todd Stevens is? When I checked out this release from Vivid Entertainment/Vivi Man at NakedSword, I realized that this guy was probably out there in the world of hardcore gay porn when it was still being released on VHS. Sorry, I’m not of that age. I’m glad I’ve found the guy now, though, he’s gorgeous! This movie is packed with sexy hunks, those stereotypical muscled jocks from the ’90s with their floppy hair and their love for flannel.

Most of the famous names in this one can be found in scene three, an orgy of awesome cock sucking and butt fucking that should leave you totally drained and very happy indeed. That said, you might want to watch the other scenes as an “appetizer” first because they’re all awesome too. I love the self-licking with Jim Steel in scene one. As should be expected, this is a classic. While the quality is better than a lot of the 80’s and 90’s action it’s not gonna be HD or 4K. Overall, I believe that actually adds to the classic porn feel of it. Click the cover or above for the movie, or the individual scenes!


Huge Stud Colby Jansen Fucks Newcomer Sean Maygers
Get some kink in your porn diet!

I wasn’t sure at first if this update from the site should make the cut. Then I decided that it was too good to pass up. It’s not technically a DVD release, it’s two scenes totaling 45 minutes, but it’s pretty damn hot to watch! I am a total pussy when it comes to kinky sex in real life. Seriously, toys and some food in the bedroom is about as “unusual” as I get. I do like picking up tips from videos like this one with Colby Jansen and Sean Maygers. I will one day surprise a fuck buddy with a leather paddle and some rope, but for now, I’m just taking notes. With one hand while the other is busy of course!

As you can probably guess from the title and cover. This is all about Colby showing Sean how he likes to take control. And it’s a long session of taking control too! Sean is at the mercy of his kinky dom in this double scene session, with everything you can imagine from a gay bondage session. I guess you probably know that KinkMen is one of the best studios for this kind of hardcore fun. What you might not have known is that you can get plenty of it at NakedSword too. Really, even if you’re not usually into kink, just the sight of handsome Sean being totally owned and used by Colby is enough to get your dick splashing the juice. Click the cover or the link above to check it out.

NakedSword Final Cum Splash

So, that’s my shortlist of awesome action to check out over there, new arrivals for this week. There’s more than this too, they’ve added a total of twelve new titles since my last post seven days ago. I’m pretty sure there are plenty more individual scenes added since then as well. Oh, and while you’re here, check out our NakedSword Review. If you’re new to their site I think you’re gonna be impressed with what they offer. If you already know what you’ve been missing out on, click here and have a look around. 🙂

See you next week for another list of my top pics, have a fab Friday night guys!

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two straight guys cocks out

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twink sucking a big jock cock

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