Weekly NakedSword Workout #4

Where the hell did the last week go? I swear time is just zipping by faster and faster the older I get. I can’t say I like that very much. Is it just me this happens to? Should I be writing some kind of movie script about this, like Memento or something? Let me know in the comments. While the clock on my wall seems to have been spinning ridiculously fast for the last seven days the guys at NakedSword have still managed to add a whole new batch of hardcore action for me to share with you. So kick back, get your dick out and check in on some of the things I think you’re gonna want to watch there… Oh, and BTW, I seem to be in a cum-loving stage right now, you have been warned.

NakedSword Jacking Off Workout

THE 9 INCHES OF FELIPE CAPUCO (01:17) click to watch

The 9 Inches Of Felipe Capuco DVD
He’s packing some good meat!

I have to confess that I had no clue who sexy little Felipe Capuco was before I checked out some of the scenes in this new release on the site from the Eurocreme studio. Now that I’ve seen this boy in action and watched him delivering that impressive dick to some very willing holes I think I might need to get some more of this lad. I’m not a size queen. I know I say that a lot and I sound like I’m protesting a little too much. Even so, he’s got a big banana cock, and it’s awesome to see it in action. He’s one of those boys who surprises you, he looks so lean and twinky. This guy knows how to pound some hole with that tool and he does a great job of it in the four scenes this movie delivers.

Felipe’s teamed up with Johannes Lars, Koby Lewis, Lucas Phelps, and Gabriel Phoenix. They share some deliciously deep fuck scenes, pumping big boners into those butts and making his friends fire off some great loads in the process. It’s no surprise he’s a top with a curved piece of monster meat like that. My fave scene of the bunch has to be the one with Johannes, that boy is damn fine and I would be willing to sell everything and buy a plane ticket just for one night with that gorgeous lad. Go and check out the scenes!

LOADS FROM LADS (01:48) click to watch

Loads from Lads DVD
Are you a cum splashing fan?

I have to tell you that I am a fan of Blake Mason. I’m pretty familiar with what they do there and some of the awesome scenes they’ve delivered over the years. True, they have let their standards slip a little over the last couple of years. Nonetheless, this DVD packed with spectacular cum splashing finishes should give you a good idea of why they’ve been so popular in British gay porn for as long as they have. Usually, it’s the Eastern European guys who deliver the biggest cum loads. We all know it’s true and we would all love to know why right? This collection of more than 200 cum explosions shows that the Brit boys can deliver the cream too.

I was already familiar with a lot of the biggest and messiest shots they share in this compilation of cum wads. If you’re a fan of spectacular finishes, there are plenty in this DVD that I’d never seen before. It’s made me want to go and check out the full videos leading up to the gooey finale. Of course, being mostly British (with some European lads sprinkled in) most of the cocks blasting out cream in this one are uncut too. This is especially great for all the foreskin fanatics out there. Plus, there are also some truly amazing facials in this one. You don’t want to miss it if spooge is your thing, and we all know it is, stop pretending. Go and watch it!

AMERICAN BUKKAKE (01:08) click to watch

American Bukkake dvd
I want to be a part of this party!

For the longest time, I thought it was spelled “Bukakke,” until a guy I was watching porn with one night spelled it differently while we were searching for something to watch and a whole new collection of movies appeared. Yes, I am a moron sometimes. Anyway… after talking about Joe Gage movies on here the other day I was really glad to see this one had arrived at NakedSword. It’s a full-on cock pleasing session of random men who look like mechanics, jocks, average joe types, and the kinds of men I love to see in “dirty” porn. When I say “dirty porn” I mean stuff that just has that natural, grimy, horny feel to it like it really was filmed in a garage that stinks of cum.

There are two scenes here, but it’s specifically for all the fans of awesome oral. Straight, gay and bi guys getting together to haul out their cocks and gobble, giving each other hand jobs. Watching their buddies getting blown, slurping man meat, and encouraging each other to spill their seed in epic fashion. It’s awesome, but it’s Joe Gage so what else can you expect. As I said, this has been a pretty good week for cum fans at NakedSword. This movie is a must-watch!


Lars Norgaard In Perfect Package dvd
Just look at that dong!

This is another boy I had to do a little research on before knowing anything about him. Now, I’m really glad I looked. I love all kinds of guys. Nevertheless, I have to admit that Czech boys are some of the most beautiful in the world. And, as we’re on a bit of a cum-themed Friday I have to point out that these boys usually splash out plenty when they unload. This is another reason why the BelAmi studio is so popular. This young man is stunning, and I’m not just talking about his huge uncut cock.

Every inch of Lars Norgaard is awesome, from his handsome face to his tight bod to his snug little pucker. We get to watch him in five great scenes including a jizz-slinging solo, an incredible threesome, and an outdoor fuck with superstar Kevin Warhol. Do I need to say anything else about this to get you to go and check it out? Just look at the DVD cover and admire that cock for just a few seconds. You’re clicking on it right now, yes?

NakedSword Workout Cumclusion

This is just my little highlight list. There’s a fuckton more there to watch and they’ve added 21 full movies and scenes of various kinds in the last seven days. Almost every one of them is worth looking at. Excuse my marketing spiel while I make clear that you get access to all of this and more with one membership. NakedSword provides a constant stream of hardcore going back decades is waiting for you when you sign up there. You can find out more by reading our NakedSword Review. To be honest, it’s one of the best supersites for gay porn movies. Click here and check it all out for yourself! 🙂

That’s it, we’re done here for now, so go and do whatever freaky shit it is you guys do on a Friday night, have fun!

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