Weekly NakedSword Workout #5

Happy Friday guys! I am so damn glad this week is over. If you didn’t know, I’m British. You can probably imagine that politics here right now has made a lot of us want to turn to drink and drugs just to get through it. Instead of that (okay, maybe a few drinks will be consumed) I’m using some awesome gay porn to distract me. And so that brings me to this post. Grab the lube and enjoy a rundown of some of the hottest action to arrive at NakedSword this week.

If you haven’t read my NakedSword review yet, please do. If you know what they do and what you can find there, read on and prepare to want to go and watch all of it. 🙂

Weekly NakedSword Update

CESAR XES GETS SUCKED (00:49) click to watch

Cesar Xes Gets Sucked dvd
He actually gets more than just a gobble in this edging movie!

I never used to be that interested in kinky stuff. That is until I met a guy who was into handcuffs and cum edging. Believe me, the first time he worked my dick for an hour just with his mouth and hands I shot the biggest load of my life! I think he had to redecorate his bedroom just because of the mess I made behind me, up to his wall (I hate to brag but not really). Ever since then I’ve been into videos like this one from the famous KinkMen studio. The title might suggest that this is all about Cesar Xes getting his big cock gobbled. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Chance Summerlin and Sebastian Keys give him the kind of intense workout we would all probably love to submit to at their experienced hands.

There’s a lot of rope involved, plenty of lube, nipple suckers, cock gobbling, hand job action, and more. Poor Cesar is literally held captive on the edge of exploding while the two enjoy his cock between them and torment him over and over again until none of them can possibly stop the cum spewing from his dick and making a big mess. I really love scenes like this. While it’s probably not technically a feature DVD-length movie their scenes feel like they could be. It’s 49 minutes of cock edging kinkiness, and it’s awesome. Click the DVD cover or the link above to go and check it out.

MEN IN 2 SEX 10 (01:25) click to watch

Men In 2 Sex 10 dvd
It’s not all about footballers, but it’s damn hot!

I have to confess that I only really clicked this DVD/VOD on the NakedSword site because I have a thing for footballers. Yeah, I admit it. The sight of a hot lad in shorts and long socks gets my dick dripping pre and ready to be worked, so sue me! I know I’m not alone. I know a lot of you guys are probably clicking it right now to go and check it out too. Believe me when I say you won’t be disappointed with this one, but it’s not all about the footballers. There are a couple of scenes of European football lads sucking cock and fucking like bunnies, but this is actually more suited to a cruising theme.

The settings are dirty, outdoor anal action with horny lads looking to shoot off some cum. That’s really what this movie should be focused on in my opinion. Sure, the uniforms are fucking hot and the guys are great too. Even so, the whole theme about this one should be the cruising and guys enjoying their dicks together. Jalif Studio is not too familiar to me. That being said, if this kind of European cock action is what they do I think I need to check out more of their releases!

CHAV DADDY (01:22) click to watch

Rough chav dads love cock and ass

A few days ago I was writing about the Hung Ladz: New Cummers DVD from Eurocreme. I tried (and probably failed) to describe to non-Brits what a “Chav” is. By pure coincidence, I found this new movie from Dads Fucking Lads/Eurocreme Group this week. I couldn’t wait to watch it. I explained that Chavs were younger lads who wear sports branded gear and gold jewelry, but this DVD is all about what those guys look like and get up to when they’re all grown up!

With men like Alex Roman, Gabriel Phoenix, Kai Davis, and Xavier Sibley (to name a few) getting their big cocks out for a whole lot of sucking and fucking you know this movie is gonna be worth your time. We get four scenes of chav guys slurping dicks and shoving cocks into each other for this one. Every bit of it makes me want to abandon my jeans and leather jacket and start wearing Nike and gold-plated sovereign rings. Okay, that was a joke, I would never give up my rock persona just for some chav dick. 🙂

BUCKLEROOS PART 2 (02:12) click to watch

BuckleRoos Part 2 dvd
Ride ’em Cowboy!

Damn, do I love a good cowboy! Of all the fantasies I have in my head, from American frat boys to military men, the whole Cowboy thing has to be one of the most consistent and hottest for me. I don’t know what it is about it. Just the thought of a bunch of suntanned masculine hunks in jeans and cowboy boots getting their dicks out together for some action. It makes me almost want to cum in my pants before I’ve even hit play.

I’ve never even seen Part one of BuckleRoos. Nevertheless, you can bet that after watching the five scenes of this two-hour fuckfest I’m gonna be. It’s a series of threesomes and orgies with some of the most gorgeous men from the American porn scene of the ’90s. Fucking and sucking in the woods, in the barn, in the locker room. BuckleRoos is dripping with sweat and cum, oozing testosterone, and finally drenched with jizz too.

Honestly, if all porn was like this and no one ever made anything else I think I would still be happy. COLT Studio Group and Buckshot Productions are responsible for this awesomeness, but would we expect anything less from either? Some massive names are in this one too, including Dean Phoenix, Hank Locklear, Owen Hawk, Ty Hudson, and Zak Spears. There are more, but how many of those names do you know? If you love great group action with real masculine men, you need to click the cover on the left or the link above and check it out.

NakedSword Weekly Wrap-Up

In conclusion, that’s my little selection of some of the best hardcore action to arrive at NakedSword in the last week. If for some reason, you’re not already fapping away, there’s more you need to see when you head over there. You’re definitely gonna be busy for a while! Make sure you check out our NakedSword Review too.

That’s all from me, for now. Have a great Friday!

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