Weekly NakedSword Workout #6

We’re at the end of another week, and as seems to be the case quite a lot in recent years, I plan to try to destroy the political news of the last week with copious amounts of alcohol. I’m going to the pub tonight, and the club tomorrow night, but before I do anything else I need to share some of the highlights from NakedSword with you guys. There’s quite a collection from the last seven days that you’re all gonna want to get a peek at!

NakedSword Fapping Workout

CUM COLLECTORS (01:48) click to watch

Cum Collectors dvd
Cum collecting is an interesting hobby

I guess it’s pretty obvious what this movie is about. No, it’s not about a hoarder who stacks up jars of splooge in his home (Ew! As soon as I wrote that I wanted to bathe my brain in bleach!) This is about raw, unabashed, cum loving sluts who crave dicks up their holes and wads splashed inside them. No doubt a few of you horny readers will understand their needs. And a few more would be glad to satisfy those needs, too! We’ve got some damn hot dudes in this one, like Sean Knight, Silver Steele, Marc Giacomo, and Draven Navarro… that’s quite the cast, and that’s not even all the guys appearing in this one.

We get five awesome scenes of raw anal action from director Tyler Reed. If you’re familiar with the releases from RawJOXXX and Alpha One Media you’ll probably already understand why it’s so popular. One of the best things about this is the random hook-up theme running through the movie. The fact that it’s really hard sex with genuine hunks who don’t look like they needed to be paid to be there. They probably were, of course. Nevertheless, you could watch this and totally understand it if you found out they just needed some action. Click the DVD to the left or the link above to go and watch it!

THE BOSS’ RIGHT HAND MAN (01:22) click to watch

The Boss' Right Hand Man DVD
Very anal bosses get some good assistance

I’m gonna confess that the whole fisting thing kinda flies over my head and I don’t really get it. You might be asking whether I’m well-positioned to be able to write about this DVD? while I really don’t understand the urge to become a puppet with another dude’s hand up my ass I can appreciate the men involved in this production and you guys would expect me to deliver all kinds of hardcore gay porn for you to check out! There’s more lube than you’d find in a sex shop for this movie. And it’s probably a good thing considering all three scenes are packed with ass-stretching, fust-fucking, hole-aching anal punishment at the hands of dominant bosses or their deviously demanding assistants.

These office dude themes are a nice take on it, so it’s kinda adding two fetishes into one – the whole power-play thing and the anal exploring. The guys in it are clearly having a great time. Fisting fans might know some of the names in this one too. We have Axel Abysse, Brian Bonds, Dale Savage, and Seamus O’Reilly delivering the action, in a release by Raging Stallion Studios, Fisting Central, and Falcon Studios Group. What if they all got together in a room to put this thing out there? Unlikely, but gay porn is a complex business. All in all, check it out if you’re into real anal action.

HAPPY ENDINGS (02:29) click to watch

Happy Endings dvd
A cummy hole is definitely a Happy Ending!

If you love bareback fucking, big black dicks, loads of cum, and plenty of action to keep you going, you’re gonna want to check out “Happy Endings” from Dark Alley Media and Raw Fuck Club. Some DVDs are short and to the point, while others are packed with action, and this is the latter. The diverse cast of this collection of six scenes is getting together to pound ass, slurp the biggest dicks, pound raw holes and deliver their loads to one another in genuinely horny action. I know I said this already about Cum Collectors above. However, a good line is always worth repeating. The cast looks like they’re there just to have an awesome time and get their rocks off. Although they were paid they might not have needed to be!

That’s the kind of fucking you want to see though, right? I mean, sometimes it’s fun to watch a “straight guy” being convinced into something with a wad of cash. Nonetheless, most of the time you want to watch guys who are actually craving that cock and desperate for a cum load. This movie delivers that and more, with a big cast of porn stars including; Aaron Trainer, Atlas Grant, Edji Da Silva, Fx Rijos, Jacen Zhu, Ryan Powers, and Seth Knight, to name just a few.

CRUISING ITALIA (01:17) click to watch

I believe the next streaming cruising VOD was all filmed in the late ’90s or early ’00s. That’s the feeling I get from the six scenes in “Cruising Italia”. You don’t need to be a genius to work out that this is all about Italian guys sharing their juicy cocks with each other in a cruising-themed hardcore movie. That said, you probably would need one to read and decipher the synopsis they’ve provided for it. It goes on about windows and singing for some unknown reason. Honestly, you should only read the synopsis for a giggle, the action in this movie is where it’s at.

The guys are amateur dudes by the looks of things. There are no names listed for the men gobbling each other and sliding their dicks into the dudes they just met. While there are a few guys in this movie I would love to see more from (and thereby need a name or two) I can live with just enjoying them in these scenes. It’s a release from All Male Studio, and there are a few more from them on the site too. All an Italian theme running through them. Yes, I did just reveal how I’ll be spending my Sunday dealing with my hangover horniness! 🙂

Nakedsword Weekly Workout Summary

There you have it, guys, my pick of some of the best new arrivals over at one of the best sites for hardcore gay porn. If you’re not a member there yet, why the hell not? If you need to know more about it then make sure you check out our NakedSword Review. Moreover, I firmly believe you’ll see why you should join.

That’s all from me. Have a great Friday!

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