My Wife Transformed Me

Gay men married to straight women

My wife transformed me. Seriously, she is the only individual who allowed me to morph into what I was destined to become. I struggled inward and sometimes outwardly but, she remained unphased. So I accepted who I really am – a gay man who is really attracted to men only. I only had sex with women when I fantasized about men. I told this to my wife, and while not thrilled, she understood like no other. She finally accepted who I am. I was blessed to have found a soulmate, even if it wasn’t my preferred sex.

From that point on, I lived vicariously through my on-demand gay porn Roku subscriptions. My wife even began to enjoy watching all those cocks. So much so, we even mutually masturbated together on occasion. We sometimes laughed that she enjoyed watching all those hard cocks as much as I do. My birthday was approaching and she wanted to prepare a surprise for me. Something special as we figured out what our future held.

My Wife Transformed Me Sexually

Gay men married to straight women

My wife and I lived alone in our house. We had been best friends forever. We started to talk about life and things in life. My birthday was tomorrow, and we talked about her present, but I said I don’t want anything too expensive. We were in a relationship based on friendship, not on sex. Because she finally accepted who I really am and I accepted it too. I love men and hard cocks, and she can’t do anything about it.

The evening had come, and my wife told me she had a surprise for me. What we planned to go out for dinner but she said plans have changed. We had some guests over, and she told me I have to go to take a shower because I have to be clean and fresh. I was surprised indeed. I thought my friends from work would come over and she would make some cake, and that’s it. But, when I heard knocking on the door, I went over to see who it is and I was shocked. A bunch of men with masks on their faces came inside our house, and I didn’t know what they want at first.

My wife came, and she told me; “Happy Birthday! I know this was your fantasy, and it’s time to make your imagination come true.” So, we watched some real gay porn videos to get aroused first. My wife filled our glasses with wine because we all wanted to relax a bit. It was quiet in the living room, but it was excellent. The atmosphere was good, and we took our time, we didn’t hurry at all. We all know what we wanted and knew there is plenty of time. I have a collection of beautiful bisexual porn videos, and porn movies started.

Wife Transformed Me

Wife Transformed Me

Everyone was watching, and after some time, they all start to touch dicks in front of me. My wife helped them a bit, so she began to suck their cocks. I wasn’t jealous, because I knew I will suck their cocks too very soon. I looked at all of them, and they all had their cocks out of their pants. This made me horny, and I just couldn’t look away. My wife made their cocks hard as a rock, and she said now it’s my turn. We didn’t have time to go to the bedroom, we wanted to have sex right there in a living room.

I came closer to them, and I gave them blowjobs one by one. My hard cock was ready to get some ass as well. We all jerked off to each other. My wife was so fucking wet, one of the gay guys put his cock inside her juicy pussy. My wife transformed me and fulfilled some of her sexual fantasies as well. I watched all of them while they stroked their cocks. I licked their balls and dicks slowly and steadily. But, one of them was brought to my attention. He was tall and handsome and his huge cock must have been nine inches long.

I was in ecstasy pulling his pants and shirt off completely. Then, I spread his legs and started tea bagging him. He was very handsome, and I bet this was not his first tea bagging. He screamed and moaned with pleasure. I started to lick his dick, and I put his dick in my mouth. He slid his dick faster and faster down my throat, and this feeling was unreal. His pulsating dick was something I could suck for eternity. After some time, he came into my mouth. I swallowed every drop.

Group Sex Transformed Me

Next on my list was a Latino guy with a small dick. I took his dick in my mouth too. He was so excited, his heart was racing very fast. While I gave him a blowjob, he massaged my balls and put a finger inside my ass. His dick was not big, but it was delicious and sweet, and he could last longer. I agreed to fuck him. I bent over, and he knew exactly where to put his dick. He gently penetrated my ass, and that feeling was the best.

He spread my butt, and he fucked me in circular motions while he twisted my nipples. I never knew I like this. It is evident that I want more and more and that every man in this room will have a chance to ass fuck me. Someone put a finger inside my ass and one man, around forty years old, face fucked me so hard I thought I would puke. But, I didn’t, I gagged on his cock until he came. He came fast because he was very horny. My ass was filled with so many alternating cocks I couldn’t believe it.

My fantasy came to life, and my wife organized everything just for me. She transformed me into a gay slut, and I loved it. This was the best present ever. My face was covered in cum. My wife came near me and licked off the man cum medley completely. It was so hot. We went to take a shower together. I told her it was the best fucking present I ever received for my birthday. After a shower, we drank some wine, and we went to bed. She told me she will have more surprises for me very soon. Indeed, my wife transformed me forever!

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