Zack Randall Splashes a Big Load All Over in a New Solo!

Nipple fucking?

You know how guys say that if they could suck their own cock they’d never leave the house? Well, I’ve thought that a few times too, but to be honest if I could just cum the way Zack Randall does in his jerk off videos I would probably be inside a whole lot.

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Zack is ready to play, and get wet and sticky!

I’ll confess that, often, my jack off sessions are simple affairs. Forget all that bullshit about lighting candles and “making love with yourself,” who’s got time for that shit when you’re boned up and dripping pre after seeing a fucking god of a man stroking it in the gym showers? Not me, that’s who. Give me five minutes of cock on a screen, a little spit and I’ll be pumping cream out within minutes.

But, when I see gay porn videos like this one from a dude who really knows how to enjoy his cock I feel like I should make every jack off session more special.

In case you still don’t know (seriously, where have you been?) this hung young twunk has an awesome uncut cock, one that he can suck himself, and that big dick squirts off massive loads that he loves to shower himself with.

Hey, maybe those loads are a result of him not just fapping for five minutes when he wants to get off? Have I always been doing it wrong?

I get edging and all that, of course I do occasionally take my time and really work it, but probably not as often as I should.

Now I feel as though Zack’s videos should be considered to be some kind of educational resource for male masturbation, and I think I’ve gone too far in my adoration of this guy.

Check out some pics, but don’t you dare miss out on the video, click to watch it. There’s a lot on the site, you’ll be busy there for a while, but if you need more info you can check out the Zack Randall site review too. Have a great Thursday night guys!

That is a gorgeous dick, you know it
I would love a taste of that thing too
Nipple fucking?
That’s a feast of uncut dick
You’d sit on it too, surely
Getting messy with it!

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