Adrian Serdar Gets Caught Jacking Off By Simon Best!

If you’ve ever been caught jacking off by a buddy you probably know it can lead to some good fun. Check out this hot new bareback scene from Jawked!

Adrian Serdar Caught Jacking Off By Simon Best

A lot of guys had that friend who wasn’t shy with his dick. I know I did. We had some good times enjoying porn together and just spooging out some loads.

Good friends shouldn’t be shy about something we all love to do, right?

I think maybe it changed when porn magazines became less popular. It used to be harder to get some inspiration to enjoy so guys would share it. Trading porn magazines would then lead to friends just hauling it out and rubbing some loads out.

I still love seeing that in porn today. There’s just something so easygoing about it and it takes me right back to those days of rubbing one out with a friend in a garage. lol

Adrian Serdar is the shameless Bator caught jacking off in this new video. Although, it’s not like he’s trying to hide it from his handsome jock buddy Simon Best.

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While Simon is practicing some pool shots on the table young Adrian is enjoying porn on the couch.

In moments his long and thick pink uncut cock is in his hand.

Simon can’t quite believe it. Nevertheless, as is the case with a lot of guys the sight of a hard dick being enjoyed is enough to entice him. 🙂

While for me, back in the day, this whole caught jacking off thing would have led to a couple of buddies beating their meat together on the couch, Simon is quick to offer his hand and give his buddy a smooch.

It’s not a big leap from there for the two boys to start sucking on each other’s leaking boners.

To be honest I would have been cool if this had just been a mutual hand job session. It’s fun to reminisce about my own experiences and see them in porn. But, there’s no denying it’s hot to see formerly straight boy Simon getting his hairy ass fucked!

Enjoy some pics and click here to see Adrian pumping that butt with his raw dick and enjoying more than just the wank he planned. 🙂

Now I’m gonna go and spend a while thinking about what might happen if I’m caught jacking off by one of my buddies. lol

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