Twink Boy Cyrus Stark Rides The Bodybuilder Dick Of DeAngelo Jackson!

Who wouldn’t love to take a great ride on a hard bodybuilder dick? If you love muscle tops pounding twink bottoms, you’ll love The Dick Down from Hot House.

If you go to the gym, at least part of the reason is to check out hunks like DeAngelo Jackson, right?

I’m not alone in that, surely.

It’s okay. You can admit it. lol

While I don’t go as much as I should, I will be the first to admit that my gym has a lot of hotties. It’s one of my main reasons for getting my skinny ass there.

If it weren’t so popular with the hunks, I probably wouldn’t even get there once a month.

That doesn’t mean I’m always hooking up at the gym (I wish), but there’s a lot of eye candy to appreciate. The occasional friendly fun to finish a workout doesn’t go unappreciated!

If DeAngelo showed off his awesome body and bodybuilder dick in the gym showers, I would be lusting after him the way young twink Cyrus Stark is in this video.

Tell me you wouldn’t be doing the same.

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Now, despite how I’ve just framed that, this session doesn’t start at the gym.

We don’t need that with these guys.

It’s a massage scene, which seems to be a popular theme right now. I’m not sure why I keep seeing gay massage themes in porn, but it looks like it’s a fad now.

Cyrus wants to get his hands on that big muscled body and DeAngelo is inclined to let him, and of course, it leads to an awesome bareback pounding for the bottom boy.

There’s a whole lot of slurping of that bodybuilder dick, and DeAngelo is happy to return the favor and lick out that hole.

Then it’s time for him to slide his meaty inches inside and pound the boy the way Cyrus needs.

It’s a hot fuck. If you love bodybuilder dick, you’re gonna want to click here and hit play.

I think I’m gonna hit the gym again tomorrow morning. The Dick Down video has inspired me a little. 😉

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