Big Man Brad Is A Bodybuilder Jacking Off In The Shower!

Sometimes, you need to kick back and enjoy the sight of a gorgeous man pleasuring himself. And that’s what we get with this Maskurbate bodybuilder jacking off video.

Maskurbate: Brad's Shower Session

Are you one of those guys who checks out all the hunks at the gym?

I know you are.

I am, too. How could I not? Honestly, the chance to ogle some damn fine men is basically the only thing that motivates me to get my ass in the gym, to begin with.

Maybe I would be more motivated if they had open showers, though, but that’s another story.

This big guy was always one of my faves over at Maskurbate.

If you don’t know what their whole genre was, they would find seriously sexy, muscled dudes in Canada and pay them to come and perform.

Almost all of them were totally unknown. These weren’t gay porn stars. Some of them were strippers, but most were just guys the director or his scouts found at the gym.

That makes this bodybuilder jacking off shower session with Brad even more appropriate.

This bodybuilder jerk off video is all about him and his big uncut cock. We join him in the shower for a totally sexy show, and it’s a long one – pun intended.

His balls are dangling, and his long pink meat is soon swelling up.

This extended cut of the original male masturbation video has a lot more stroking and penis play to enjoy. We get a full tour of his incredible body, in the way probably hundreds of men at his gym have wanted ever since they first saw him. lol

Check out some of the gay jack off pics below, and just know that there’s more of this gorgeous man over there. So click here to enjoy Brad’s Shower Session!

Bodybuilder Jacking Off Pics

Are you still here? Join now and watch the full bodybuilder jacking off video at Maskurbate!

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