Checking in with Hunky Cam Guy Brian Connor!


Yep, we’ve seen this gorgeous hunk on cam before. I was looking through the TopRatedGayPorn.Live cam site show calendar earlier this afternoon and noticed him again. I couldn’t resist sharing some more pics of his performances with you guys. I’ve worked out who he reminds me of, too.

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Buff cam guy Brian Connor knows how to show off

The first time I posted about Brian Connor I knew he reminded me of another hottie from my past. However, I couldn’t figure out quite who it was. After seeing him again today it hit me in the private area that it was a guy I used to work with at my first office job.

I’ve had a few jobs, and working in the marketing department for a sportswear company was one of the best. It was like a smorgasbord of really hot guys in the building. As you can imagine, a company in this industry favored putting its brand on attractive, fit people. Subsequently, everyone working there was pretty damn hot.

I was an outlier, I guess! lol

Anyway, the guy Brian Connor reminds me of was a 25-year-old gym-addicted hottie with big shoulders and a beefy ass, and he used to cycle into work. Yes, getting there early so I could greet him pulling up in his very snug shorts became a highlight of my day! 🙂

Did I happen to mention that as well as being good looking and fit, Brian also packs a lot of cock into those tight little shorts? I was only there for about three months, but before you ask no I was not fired for sexual harassment.

Anyway, enough about me. Check out this gorgeous hunk showing off that damn fine body and having a great time on cam for his fans, shooting off some big loads of cock juice in the process. Yeah, Brian can shoot some big loads. If you’re into big cummers like I am you’re gonna love watching him. 🙂

Click for Brian Connor’s bio and videos, you’ll be busy there for a while.

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