Flip-Fuck Step-Brothers Cristiano & Kyle Get Along!

Yeah, it’s another video in the now common theme, but these flip-fuck step-brothers have persuaded me it’s worth enjoying 🙂

Yeah, I will admit that I get a little bored when all the studios jump on a bandwagon.

We’ve seen it a few times in recent years. Who can forget the “daddy” obsession, for instance? I’m actually glad that seems to have faded out of prominence, at least for the time being.

And now we have the step-brother theme cropping up a few times a month, and I’m not too mad about it when it stars a couple of hotties like these.

We have muscled jock hunk Kyle Fletcher teaming up with twinky boy Cristiano for this new video from Next Door Studios.

The guys are sharing a good bareback fuck together, and I know a lot of you are going to be jerking along to it in no time!

So, these flip-fuck step-brothers don’t like each other.

That’s a common theme, right?

I that side of things is predictable, but what isn’t predictable is these guys teaming up to relieve their animosity with their delicious dicks 🙂

The two would-be brothers decide to bury the hatchet, and that means burying their cocks in each other’s supple butts!

There’s a lot for these flip-fuck step-brothers to enjoy before they get to that, though.

It’s a great display of jerking, mutual boner sucking and butt licking too, with both guys getting plenty of attention.

This whole step-relative thing might be on its way out soon but I think we’ve probably got enough action to last us a while.

It does make me wonder what theme the studios are gonna pick up on next. Any ideas? Leave a comment.

Enjoy some of the pics from this video and click here to hit play. You should know you’ll be spoiled for choice when you get there, there’s thousands of videos to watch!

Why are you still here? Click and hit play to watch these flip-fuck step-brothers Cristiano & Kyle Fletcher

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