Gay Jocks Alex Vens and Lex Moore Release Some Training Tension!

This is why all gay jocks need a workout buddy, one who can motivate with a raw fuck after a hard training session! 😉

Jawked: Training Tension

We haven’t seen big and inked guy Lex Moore for a while here on the blog, so when I saw this new video drop, I knew we had to check it out.

Same with Alex Vens. When he arrived, I knew he was gonna be popular, and it looks like he’s gained quite a following since his debut.

I think it was probably a no-brainer to team these two guys up for a hardcore raw jock fuck like this.

They’re really well suited to each other, and I even got the feeling at the start of this scene that they might be bros in real life.

If they’re not actual friends or boyfriends, they’re pretty convincing in this Training Tension video from Jawked.

The two buddies are working up a sweat together on a patch of wasteland in their neighborhood. Obviously, we know how it’s gonna go from there. 😉

It might be a little predictable that these guys head home, and Lex decides he really needs a massage, but it’s apparently a tried and tested method to get some good action started.

Alex sure isn’t reluctant to give his muscled buddy a rub down. He’s also not reluctant to get his mouth on his pal’s swollen cock when gay porn jock Lex reveals his stiff meat!

Would you say no to slurping that? I doubt it.

Of course, Alex gets more than just a taste. After tonguing and sucking his friend’s meaty pole, it’s soon sliding inside his gay jock hole for a good bareback banging.

We get some good angles of the action here and I’m wondering if maybe they’ve changed directors. It definitely feels like there’s a new look to this one when it comes to the way it’s shot.

I’m not complaining about that!

With Lex pumping his cream over his bottom buddy’s hole and Alex jerking out his own splashing load, we leave the gay jocks to go and clean up in the shower, and I think we’re all hoping for another duo with these two.

The hot gay jocks are a great team!

Click here to hit play on this gay jocks porn video. If you need more convincing, you should click here for my Jawked review.

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