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Fuck the sneaky wanks and quick sucks you might get at the gym occasionally. The action in these gay locker room sex videos is what we all want!

I’ve talked about this a few times, but I know it’s a hot subject, so I’ll bring it up again…

Cruising at the gym is a big thing, and it’s a big thing because it’s so easy.

I don’t believe many straight guys really understand how much cruising culture there is in the locker room and showers at their gym.

I’ve talked about it with straight friends, and they’re usually clueless.

Occasionally a buddy will admit to showing off for someone checking them out, and there’s the one “straight” friend who never turns down a hand job or a suck. Other than that, most men have no clue.

I wouldn’t call the gym I go to sleazy by any stretch (believe me, I pay enough for not using it, lol), but there are still guys there checking out what’s on offer.

You can easily find a dude who wants to show off or enjoy the display in the showers. Then there are the guys who want to blow or fuck around.

You generally have to take that kind of thing somewhere else, but many dudes dream about getting down to some real gay locker room sex right there. lol

Derek Kage and Logan Aarons aren’t taking their horniness anywhere else in Shirts vs Skins from Next Door Studios.

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After a little street hockey game (no, I don’t know what that is), they’re heading inside to shower.

They don’t get to the showers before those cocks are displayed, and the two horny jocks are eager to play with them!

This bareback flip fuck is one of the hottest I’ve seen for a while, and it’s mostly because everything just works.

Both of these guys are so damn hot. I love Derek, especially because he always reminds me of a stereotypical London Gangster you might see in a movie. The fact he’s uncut also helps with that! lol

Do I need to say anything else to convince you to click here and watch this locker room sex scene for yourself?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and spend some time thinking about how hot it would be to find either of these guys appearing in subsequent gay locker room sex videos at my gym.

Gay Locker Room Sex Videos

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