Mysterious Gay Muscle Cam Guy Larry Dixon

Larry Dixon

I’m calling him a mysterious gay muscle cam guy, as he does not show his face. What he does show is his impressive cock in live adult video chat. He claims that’s a 7″ dick. While most men tend to exaggerate size, I believe he might be underestimating!

Live Gay Cam Muscle Model Sweats For You

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It’s not all about that long and pink uncut cock he’s packing, but I know many of you gay muscle men fappers love a good meaty dong!

I’m right there with you.

In the case of Larry Dixon, there’s a lot more to enjoy than just his big cock.

This mysterious and gay muscle cam guy is brand new, but he’s already getting a LOT of attention at TopRatedGayPorn.Live.

You’ll see why when you check out the preview pics below.

This 26-year-old stud is a bit of an enigma.

We don’t know and have no clue where he’s from. He likes to wear a mask and claims to be straight while being totally comfortable showing off for guys.

Let’s see if we can help him out with the straight part! 😉

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You can probably tell already that there’s a certain type of show he’s going for.

He’s a gay muscle cam guy, even though he calls himself “athletic.” He’s 6′ 3″ tall and weighs 192lbs. I’m sure that meaty pink manhood is more than his claimed seven inches.

While there aren’t many fan comments yet (he’s that new), I expect that to change in no time at all.

There are a lot of gay naked gay muscle men fans there who love worship and role-play, and he’s definitely down to deliver all that kind of content.

Check out some pics of this mysterious gay muscle cam guy. Then click here to watch him pump a heavy load.

I believe we will see a lot more of Larry Dixon in the future. I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts winning a lot of accolades there in the next few months.

Gay Muscle Cam Model Larry Dixon

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