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European Muscle Teen Lewis Lane

You might have noticed that I have a thing for European muscle teen models like Lewis Lane.

I can tell you where it started, too.

Well, I can tell you that I’m old enough to have been jacking off to the first internet porn of European jock dudes back in the day, and before that, I was wanking over catalog guy in the underwear pages.

My love of muscle guys really started when I became friends with a guy who worked out a lot and I discovered just how horny that made him.

This European muscle teen reminds me a lot of that friend from back then.

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My buddy then had weights his brother left behind when he moved out and he would work out every day. He played football too (soccer for all you American guys). He was gorgeous and fit, and he has a 7″ cock that was perpetually stiff.

I know now that it was all that testosterone that made him so super horny, and so willing to just get his cock out and shoot a cum load whenever he felt the need. He wasn’t shy about it at all. I think all his male friends back then wanked with him and they all saw him shoot plenty of spooge.

This European muscle teen has that vibe.

He’s only 19 but he’s a big guy, super horny, not shy in the least. He seems to enjoy showing off his cock and stroking himself for the cameras.

By the time he’s done he’s pumped a big goopy mess of semen from his helmet and splashed all over his hand and stomach!

He hasn’t been back to share that cock with any of their other guys yet but never say never. I wouldn’t be surprised if he returned to get his freak on and try some new things.

Enjoy some pics, click here for his video, enjoying seeing the European muscle teen pumping that cream out! 🙂

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