Hairy Muscle Daddy John Barber Returns!

I knew we’d see more of this handsome and hairy muscle daddy before the end of the year, and I’m so glad to see him topping with one of their best versatile guys.

Jawked: The Hot Inside

We saw John Barber for the first time at the start of December. I already knew he would be back, but I wasn’t sure what kind of video it would be.

He’s a good example of why I love Jawked.

They have all kinds of hot guys there. They mix the smooth and lean young guys with the handsome and powerful hunks, and they don’t get much more powerful than John!

The 34-year-old hunk has been teamed up with Roman Capellini for a bareback banging in The Hot Inside, and I have to say a few things about its opening moments.

This man is so damn CUTE!

You don’t expect that from such a big and buff stud, but the way he gazes out of the window, asking if they can go out… it’s just adorable!

I don’t think it was intended to be that way, but the tone of his voice and his acting just made me want to cuddle him. lol

Of course, there’s not much cuddling going on in this video.

Roman doesn’t want to go out. He wants to enjoy the big hairy muscle daddy and take a ride on that hard cock.

Thankfully, John is easily distracted by such an offer, and we get a good long daddy muscle hairy play session between the two.

Now, I think John might be new to playing with guys, but like a lot of guys, when he gets a taste of cock, his lust really opens up.

It’s not long before their mutual boner slurping becomes a rampant bareback butt fucking with the hairy muscle daddy totally owning that boy’s ass.

It’s a great hairy daddy muscle duo. Check out some preview photos below, then click here and enter The Hot Inside!

If you don’t know what to expect from Jawked click here for my site review. It’s one of the best European gay porn sites of recent years, and they’re gaining in popularity for a reason! 😉

Hairy Muscle Daddy Pics

Are you still here? Join now to see John Barber putting his hairy muscle daddy dick to good use!

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