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It’s time for another hot jock cock jerking video from BelAmi, and I know this boy is gonna have you all demanding more of him.

Jimmy Hardin

I had another one of those moments today when I saw a BelAmi model, and he reminded me of someone I know.

This time, it’s not someone from college or someone I used to work with, but a guy I almost hooked up with at a music festival.

It didn’t work out in the end because the guy did that usual thing of getting so wasted it was impossible. lol

I still think about that. He was a handsome lad, hot bod, nice cock… oh, the fun we could have had if he hadn’t passed out drunk outside his tent.

I don’t think Jimmy Hardin would ever do that.

Then again, I think this handsome guy is straight, so maybe there wouldn’t even be a chance to offer some fun if I found him at a festival.

He’s been in a few solo videos, but so far, nothing hardcore. Maybe that will change, maybe not. Either way, I’m happy to enjoy his solo jock cock jerking session in this new update.

Eliot is filming and directing the Hungarian hottie for this session, and it looks like they get on well.

He’s easily convinced out of his clothes, and it doesn’t take long before his lovely dick is throbbing and damp.

This handsome boy knows he looks good and seems to enjoy being the center of attention.

To be honest, if you looked like that, you’d be naked and posing for cameras, too, right?

Maybe you do look like that? In which case, wanna hook up? lol

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You’re gonna splooge hard with him in the end.

Jimmy Hardin Nude Pics

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