Maksim Johnson Pounds Carter DelRey In Hot Tub Slut Machine!

I think I’m in love with this new jock top boy at Next Door Studios. He’s everything I love to see in a hot young performer!

Next Door Buddies: Hot Tub Slut Machine

I’m talking about Maksim Johnson.

This is our first time seeing him here at, but if I have anything to do with it, it won’t be the last.

It looks like this is only his second appearance on video, but I already know we’re going to be seeing a lot more of him.

Maksim Johnson is my kind of jock.

He looks like a college wrestler. If they don’t get this boy in a singlet soon and film him grappling with another fit young hunk, then we should go full Karen and start writing protest letters.

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He’s being teamed up with adorable twinky boy Carter DelRey for this bareback pounding, and you can bet this jock top boy can deliver.

The two start out with some fun in the hot tub before heading inside to the bedroom.

I don’t know why none of their pics include the hot tub start, but it’s there in the video.

Is that a kink for some guys? I guess so. It’s a pretty hot seduction scene and a good way to kick off the action.

Maksim is definitely the one in charge here, but I think you’d expect that.

He’s not an aggressive top, he’s really happy to be there, and his super stiff dick shows it.

When he’s sliding in and pounding lucky boy Carter he really gets into his stride, and it leads to a super hot bareback fuck.

I’m definitely gonna be keeping my eyes open for more of this gorgeous young man. He’s so good-looking. He’s got a fantastic college wrestling body and a stunning ass. That super stiff cock is amazing too.

For what it’s worth, adorable Twink Carter really delivers as a bottom.

I know more than a few of you are gonna want to see him in action again after this.

Enjoy some of Maksim Johnson and Carter DelRey preview pics, then click here to stream Hot Tub Slut Machine. You get more than 3,500 videos there, so while this scene will definitely pull a lot of you in, there’s so much more to watch.

Maksim Johnson Porn Pics

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