Muscle Cam Boy Levi Shane Is Here To Entertain!

If you love your guys young and fit (and super horny too) you’re gonna want to check out this muscle cam boy in his live shows.

His name is Levi Shane and he’s a 22 year old muscle cam boy with a bit of a kink for worship and power play. That seems to be a common theme among the muscled guys out there and I can kind of understand why.

Okay, story time!

I’ve known a few real muscle guys in my time. They all seemed to have certain things in common. Surprisingly, they all enjoyed checking out other muscle guys and comparing.

This won’t shock you but several of them had the same kinds of kinks about being dominated and controlled. They were all technically straight, too.

I had some fun with two of them, but the rest were just horny for other muscle dudes without ever acting on it.

I don’t get it, but I’m sure there’s an amateur psychologist or two reading this who have a good idea about what it all means.

Meanwhile I continue to think about the fun I could have had with all of them lol

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This muscle cam boy at least recognizes that he’s bisexual, while also loving the whole domination and submission kink.

He’s into all kind of themes including coach/wrestler and teacher/student. He likes the idea of being dominated by a slim guy. I would gladly volunteer for that! lol

This 187 lb performer has an impressive body but there’s a lot more to him than that. With a 7 inch uncut cock and beefy ass to play with you’re gonna be entertained.

It looks like he’s been performing on cam for less than a year but he’s gained a lot of fans in that time. They all seem to be in agreement that he’s not just a damn sexy young man but he’s lovely, too.

I’ve grabbed some pics of this hot muscle cam boy from his profile to show you but none of these truly do him justice.

You should click here and check him out in person at TopRatedgayPorn.Live. Let me know what you think of him in the comments.

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