I Need Workout Buddies like Sexy Jocks Viggo And Mark!

Yes, I need a couple of super sexy jocks like these two, but I’m guessing I’m not alone in that desire. 😉

Sexy Jocks

I’ve had workout buddies before. Sometimes you need a friend who can kick your ass and get you to the gym on those days when you’d rather sit at home and munch your way through an obscene amount of snacks.

It’s been a while since I had that kind of pal, but seeing these sexy jocks has me thinking I need to recruit a new one. lol

Viggo Sorrensen and Mark Laysson are the two stunning young men getting their cocks out for some friendly jock fun in this BelAmi video.

And I am so here for it.

You’ve probably seen Viggo out there on your feeds.

He’s always getting his cock out and having a good time. He’s usually having that good time with other muscle buddies, too.

I do believe this gorgeous young muscle man is straight, unfortunately.

I say, unfortunately, but he is one of those straight boys who isn’t narrow when it comes to sharing his dick and having innocent fun with buddies.

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Mark is also straight, I think.

He’s only been in one hardcore scene that I’m aware of.

Clearly, he’s not too shy about getting naked with a friend and enjoying some penis play, either.

Both of these muscle jock buddies enjoy being naked and showing off to an audience. That’s clear from shoots like this one.

They’re having a great time performing for the cameras and each other.

While it’s not an ass-pounding, hardcore bareback scene, it’s hot seeing them enjoying each other’s company.

There’s definitely a horny bromosexual vibe to scenes like this one, and I really enjoy that.

Check out some preview pics, and click here for the video.

While you do that, I’m gonna go and spend some time thinking about where I could find a workout buddy like these sexy jocks. 😉

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