The #ShampooChallenge is a Social Media Fad I Can Get Behind!

The #ShampooChallenge
Using your cock as a shelf?

We get it, guys. We really do. Many of us are forced to stay at home and practice social distancing, with a throbbing cock that won’t quit. I’m right there with you. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve jacked off this much in more than a decade. Not surprisingly this combination of stiff dicks, boredom, and desperation for attention has led to a brand new social media fad; as everything seems to these days. Welcome to the #ShampooChallenge!

The #ShampooChallenge
Using your cock as a shelf?

This isn’t high-brow stuff. It’s pretty obvious from the first pic exactly what this is about. Purportedly inspired by Japanese anime, someone posted a pic of this unknown character balancing a bottle of shampoo on the shape of their bulging cock in their underwear. Next thing you know its deemed the #ShampooChallenge! Naturally, there are enough horny show-offs on the internet to make this go viral. Within hours hundreds of guys had boned up, balanced a bottle, and snapped a pic.

Some are more revealing than others and we love you, exhibitionists, for it! The most daring showing off plenty of actual dickmeat instead of merely the shape of their straining manhood. However, I have to admit that almost all of the photos I’ve seen have been worthy of appreciation.

Of course, I had to gather some of these hot and horny masturbators together to show you guys. If any of our readers have participated already, drop Top Rated Gay Porn™ a line and photo. I haven’t, but I have been contemplating doing a little DIY and putting some shelves up in the bedroom. Although, I think this meaty shelving is more my speed right now! 🙂

Check out these guys showing off their #ShampooChallenge efforts and leave a comment below. Let me know if you can think of any other social media challenges we’d love to see involving horny guys. And of course, their hard dicks!

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