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So, a little secret about me… I love those guys at the gym who pose for the mirrors in the locker room.

Yeah, I admit it. I’m one of those guys who likes to pretend to be getting on with something else while a hot stud flexes his muscles and takes selfies.

I used to think it was all a vanity thing, until a guy I occasionally work out with told me they were tracking their progress.

Of course they were.

That doesn’t explain the guys who get totally naked and don’t seem to care who else is around while they’re semi-hard and posing, though! lol

There are a few guys like that at my gym, and I appreciate them immensely 🙂

I get the feeling Drake Kidman might be one such guy.

I can totally imagine this boy showing off in the gym mirrors after watching the muscle teen live on cam.

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When you look like this you should be showing it off, right?

I can tell you that if I was eighteen and had a body like this I would be flaunting it at every single opportunity.

As if his incredible physique weren’t enough, he’s also got a lovely 7 inch uncut cock that he enjoys showing off for his audience.

Being just eighteen he hasn’t been doing this for long, but he’s gained a lot of fans in that time.

He’s all about the posing, teasing, jerking and spurting. Who wouldn’t love to see him flexing those muscles and rubbing his best one to a big messy finish?

To make him just a little bit hotter he calls himself bi-curious. So, I guess he’s still exploring. No doubt you’d all love to satisfy his curiosity, too 🙂

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