Free Bi Chat Cam Cutie Charls Sanders

Okay, guys, I know a lot of you are gonna love this free bi chat cutie and his super hot, athletically muscled body!

Charls Sanders

As is often the case, this sexy young man reminded me of someone I know.

Or, instead, someone I used to know.

Charls Sanders looks a lot like a sporty young hunk I knew during my college years. And yes, it was a guy I hooked up with a few times. 😉

Yes, I have a thing for what you might call a “Short King.”

My first celeb crush was Johnny Galecki (Big Bang Theory, Darlene’s boyfriend in Roseanne back in the day).

I currently have a little obsession with comedian Drew Lynch and football YouTuber ChrisMD. I have no interest in football, but that hottie in shorts? Yes, please!

We’ve never seen this free bi chat cutie before, but I knew the moment I saw the first clip of him he was going to be popular with you all.

He’s a horny 22-year-old with a damn fine body.

Clearly, this boy works out. I have no idea how much effort he puts in at the gym, but you can tell he’s working up a sweat a few times a week.

He’s working up a sweat on camera at TopRatedGayPorn.Live, too!

You should also check out I Need A Gym Pal Like Big Muscle Gay Guy Oliv Tyga!

While we don’t know where he’s from, he’s Hispanic. I’m gonna take a wild guess and say he’s Colombian. lol

You know, there seems to be a cam guy industry there right now, so I’m assuming that’s where he’s broadcasting from.

Not that it matters. We’re just here to enjoy his lovely personality, his hot body, his adorable face, and his delicious looking 7″ uncut cock!

Oh, and he has a lovely hairy little ass, too.

He’s not shy about showing it off or playing with it.

He’s still apparently very new to the business, but after seeing this free bi chat cutie perform, I can predict he’s going to be gaining a lot of fans in the coming months.

Click here to watch him live in his free bi male chat room. Then come back and let me know what it was like!

Now, if you don’t mind, I think I need to go and spend a little time reminiscing about that friend from college. Damn, he was a cutie!

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