An Epic Series With The House Of BelAmi

Okay guys, we have something awesome to check out and as soon as you see pics of the House of BelAmi you’re gonna be ready to indulge.

As you all know I obsess a little over the fantasy of working in porn.

I mean, I technically do work in porn, but watching it and writing about it are completely different things, right?

Just the cardio alone lol

My fantasies of being on set and enjoying all this action – in any capacity – are always heightened when I watch anything from BelAmi.

Honestly, I would be a cleaner on set if that’s what it took.

So, you can imagine my delight when I saw this new House of BelAmi series had started.

We’ve seen some great videos from the filming process already, with plenty of their gorgeous boys, but now they’re really getting down to the nitty-gritty.

This new series stars a lot of their absolute hottest guys.

They were all flown over to the stunning scenery of Spain to get down and dirty with each other and the results speak for themselves.

I don’t usually add this many photos to a post, but how could I skip any of these duos or threesomes?

We get awesome action from Bobby Kanne, Tom Houston, Kyle Brady, Riff Dornan, Ethan O’Pry, Kian O’Connor, Mark Laysson, Tommy Clapton, Clint Newman, Bruce Harrelson, Ayden Mallory, Virgil Avedon, Jamie Eliot and Jim Durden.

If that cast of hotties with gorgeous cocks, tight asses and plenty of cum to splash around doesn’t have you hard and rubbing it I don’t know what could!

Can I also admit that I’m looking forward to all the behind the scenes action, too?

They always deliver double the fun by giving us some good peeks behind the filming, and it’s always hot to watch.

So, enough of my rambling. You need to click here and start watching House of BelAmi.

I’m gonna go and continue enjoying my fantasies of being on set with them 🙂

Why are you still here? Click and start watching House of BelAmi!

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