As promised, Finn Harper is back to ride the big dick of equally gorgeous Johnny Walsh!

MY RATING: 10/10

I knew this was gonna be good the second I found out about it yesterday. However, I still wasn’t prepared for just how hot it would be to see this gorgeous boy being stuffed with bareback cock for only the second time.

You can’t say Finn and Johnny don’t make an adorable couple

The fun starts with Johnny Walsh practicing his skateboarding techniques, and failing. You have to wonder why a boy like him would bother wasting time on such a thing when he had friends like Finn Harper to suck and fuck, but I guess a boy can’t spend every hour of the day spurting cum.

Thankfully his hot little buddy is soon on the scene to make him feel better about not being th second coming of Tony Hawk. Within moments Finn’s gorgeous and super hard uncut cock is in his pal’s mouth. A reciprocal sucking session ensues as Finn gets his pretty lips around his pal’s meatier schlong.

Just when we think the boys might finish up filling each other’s mouths with cum they head to the bathroom, a new setting for the BoyFun site, and it’s time for Finn to give up his gorgeous ass for only the second time in his gay porn career.

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If you saw the first time Finn took a dick up his ass you know he struggled a little. This time he’s definitely more into it. Johnny bangs him from behind and gives the boy a ride on his dong.

Finn is still hard and leaking pre while he fucks himself on his buddy’s bareback cock.

The messy finish is worth holding your own load back for. Finn spurts his hot juice over his stomach. Soon and his pal Johnny is soon jerking out his own messy load over the boy’s smooth and athletic chest.

If you’re not thinking about splashing him with yours and licking up the combined goo from his gorgeous body then you’re not doing it right. You should go back to the start and watch it all again. . . and again! 🙂

Enjoy some preview pics below and click here for the video. You really need to see the latest BoyFun update featuring Finn Harper and Johnny Walsh.

Johnny Walsh fucks Finn Harper doggy style
Finn Harper second bareback fuck courtesy of johnny Walsh
Finn Harper Johnny Walsh bareback fuck

Porn Gossip: Finn Harper is about to get fucked for the second time!

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