Barebacking Boys Cameron And Trevor Settle A Score

When these two barebacking boys let their sporting rivalry spill over, it’s not long before they’re pounding out their loads!

Rivals: Tennis Aces

I played tennis when I was younger.

I was so shit at it! It wasn’t much fun, I have to admit.

I’ve never been the most athletic guy. Being as tall and skinny as I am, I don’t have the balance for it.

But if I’d had the option of some off-court fun like this, I possibly could have persisted and become the next Roger Federer! lol

It’s all about having the right motivation.

Cameron Neuton and Trevor Harris are the sexy young tennis rivals ready to let their animosity for each other spill over in the best possible way.

This Next Door Twink scene, Rivals: Tennis Aces, starts with cute boy Trevor losing badly to bragging boy Cameron.

Far from being a modest winner, it seems Cameron wants to torment his rival as much as possible.

Now, I don’t know how a couple of guys like these go from hating each other to sucking cock and fucking bareback, but I’m not complaining about how this goes!

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It seems both these boys need to get some good release, and with a smooch to get things started, young Trevor is soon on his knees and sucking his tennis-playing pal’s hard and curved cock!

Cameron not only won on the court, but he’s also soon winning in the classroom, feeding his rival his drooling cock and eating out his boy hole before pumping his naked dick deep inside.

Trevor might hate him, but he sure loves that cock up his hole! 😉

He gets a good ramming right there over the desk, and the two finish up their unexpected lustful encounter with cum splashing from those rods in a messy display.

Is the fun these barebacking boys have enough to get me back into those shorts and out on the court? No.

In fact, my knees started aching just looking at these boys leaping around on the court.

It is enough to have me wanking along to the show, though. 😉

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Barebacking Boys Trevor Harris and Cameron Neuton

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