Gay Skinny Guys Tonni Veroncini And Bert Kuna Are Horny Bedmates

Lovers of real slim stars are gonna want to see this skinny bottom boy riding the dick of his jock pal!

BoyFun: Horny Bedmates

When I first saw Bert Kuna in his solo jack-off last month, I didn’t really consider him to be a jock.

This new video Horny Bedmates from BoyFun shows how it’s all about context.

When he’s up against real skinny gay guy Tonni Veroncini, he looks like he’s been an athlete all his life!

And maybe he has? I don’t know him, even though I wish I did. lol

The two boys are visiting town, and they’ve booked into a motel room, and you already know how it’s gonna go.

What is it about gay skinny guys sharing a hotel room? You just know cocks are gonna bounce out and stiffen up for some friendly fun!

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Skinny guy gay Tonni is the instigator here, but he’s easily seduced into it.

The gay skinny guys are ready to relax for a while. Presumably before heading out on the town, but with Bert stripping down to his bulging underwear, his friend can’t resist making a move.

You’d be the same, right?

If you had lean and smooth young jock Bert laying beside you on the bed with his long cock visibly throbbing in his underwear, you’d want to play with it too.

Thankfully Bert is more than accommodating when his slim little pal gives it a grope, and in moments the boy is enjoying a mouthful of that big juicy intact dick.

Of course, sporty lad Bert needs to get some dick in his mouth, too, and with his pal slurped, and his ass licked, it’s time for him to drive that dick deep.

This is definitely one of those scenes for fans of real slim lads. This gay skinny guy is one of the twinkiest they have there, and up against Bert, he’s even twinkier.

Check out some pics and click here to join the Horny Bedmates. Now, I’m gonna go and eat another doughnut, knowing I will never be a skinny twink again. lol

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