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I’m not sure whether the fact that I find myself talking about the gym so much means I’m just obsessed or I need to convince myself into going more often.

Maybe it’s both?

Yeah, it’s probably both.

Seeing big dick cam guy Jacob Greene this morning has certainly hit several buttons for me and I new I had to share him with you guys.

One of my buddies sent me a link to his profile and after I stared at him for a while I was ready to get him on the blog.

This handsome Colombian hottie (of course he’s from that part of the world!) has so much muscle, but you’re going to enjoy one muscle in particular.

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It used to be claimed that big muscle dudes were compensating for teeny weenies, but I know from experience that’s not true in a lot of cases.

This guy and his 8 inch uncut meat will prove it, too.

The 31 year old is a show off, but looking the way he does you shouldn’t be surprised.

He’s into dudes, and you can probably guess a lot of dudes are into him, too.

I think he’s one of those guys who hooks up a lot at the gym. Would you be able to ignore the sight of this muscled dude in the locker room or showers?

No, you’d be staring lol

He’s very much the dominant type. He loves showing off his powerful body and loves it when guys admire his physique.

You’re ready to click here and start worshiping him, right?

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