If you like your cam guys big and powerful Muscle King is one for you!

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There's a lot of power in that bod


Yeah, I have a thing for muscle guys. I think it started when I met a former British military dude who was all muscle and cock. He was great to hang out with, told me a few horny stories about his army mates and the things they used to get up to. He was straight (kinda!) but Muscle King is definitely into dudes and he’s definitely worth watching.

click to watch Muscle King on cam
There’s a lot of power in that bod

This 220lb hunk of muscle is the kind of dude I see at the gym and lust after. Since this handsome hunk is also into other dudes there’s a good chance that it might actually lead to something other than a quick jackoff show in the showers. lol

I’m not sure where he’s from, but as he’s packing a 7″ uncut cock I would guess he’s not American. Most uncut cam dudes seem to be in Europe and something tells me this handsome stud might be from Eastern Europe.

It seems he’s not one of those guys who just kicks back and jacks it for his fans. Muscle King really puts on a gay live chat show and gives some good flexing and gyrating. I guess if you’re going to watch a powerful muscle man on cam like this guy you’re probably into the worship side of things too, and it certainly seems he delivers on that.

He likes to change the scenery up now and then too, taking his audience into the bathroom for a shower or in the bedroom for some ass play. To be honest, I would follow him anywhere as long as I got to explore that bod and suck that uncut cock.

Check out some stills from his past live cam shows below:

You can watch a lot of what he’s done before at TopRatedGayPorn.Live and get in there for a good show when he’s online. I haven’t seen him live chat yet but you can bet your ass I’m gonna be paying attention to Muscle King’s schedule!

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