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Have you guys recovered from New year celebrations yet? I’m getting there, but I’ve already abandoned one of my resolutions. I will eat what I want, I’ll just try to work out more (yeah, right). Speaking of a healthy diet, check out this new movie, one for all the Cum Eaters out there. I see you!

click to watch cum eaters at TLA Gay Unlimited
They’re thirsty for the juicy stuff in this sticky feature!

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Full cast list: Donnie Marco, Martin Dajnar, Martty, Mirko Heres, Sanchez Lopez, Thomas Friedl

Studio: Nick Mazzaro Productions

In my experience, every guy has at least one fetish. I’ve met guys who are into big saggy balls, dudes who get off on punishment, men who love uncut cocks, even guys who enjoy rubber or balloons (do not ask me about that one particular experience with a balloon fetishist, I’ll be here all day).

One of the most common fetishes is for cum. Whether dudes love seeing big splashing loads flying through the air or being the target when a bunch of guys all spurt their goo over them. Plenty of men (even a lot of straight men) have a thing for the gooey stuff.

It’s not too surprising, really. I mean, just watch any straight porn movie and a whole lot of camera time is used up by the dicks and cum shots. Every straight/bi/curious guy I’ve ever jacked off with (there’s a few) has always shot off either when the guy on the screen does or when my dick starts blasting.

This release from Nick Mazzaro might only have three scenes but they’re all pretty awesome. Great guys having a great time with some great cocks and big cum shots. It does kinda feel like they just came up with a loosely connected title for three hot fuck scenes, but there is a lot of cum in this one even if most of the time it’s about the cock sucking and butt fucking.

If you enjoy handsome guys, muscle, uncut cocks, cum loads and a lot of fun between very horny performers, you should click through and check this one out. If you still somehow don’t know why TLA Gay is so awesome and why we recommend every horny guy check it out, read our TLA Gay Unlimited review and find out why it’s the best gay streaming service in the world.

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