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tla gay unlimited review

Online porn has gone through various incarnations over the years, it’s had more dysfunctional rebirths than Britney. When things started out it was all quite tedious, masses of galleries of low-quality photos to each taking ten minutes to load on your screen, or forums and lists with pirated clips from old movies that took a week to download, and even then you didn’t know whether it would work when you hit play at the end of it or whether your PC would be infected with some wretched disease.

We’ve seen sites come and go, smaller indy porn companies bought by bigger studios (and usually driven into the ground), networks of sites joining forces to try to compete, and the mega sites too, with thousands of clips to watch and little cinemas that were considered bonuses (but really weren’t worth the bother). The latest development, and perhaps the best one yet, is the video on demand (VOD) streaming model. There’s a handful of such sites to choose from, but TLA Gay Unlimited might be the best one yet.

Do I think it’s worth the price? It’s $16.66 on the 12-month plan and you get access to 7,800 full DVD’s with more being added every week, so yeah, I definitely think it’s worth the money.

Much like NakedSword, TLA Gay Unlimited offers you access to a gigantic collection of hardcore gay porn going back decades, you might even say there’s too much here for you to enjoy, but you would be insane for suggesting that. Everything you could possibly want from a porn site is found here, with one membership that actually costs less than a lot of the best porn sites out there.

When I say everything is covered I really mean it. There are straight men, daddies, jocks, bodybuilders, twinks, British lads, European studs, bareback, kink, fetish… if it’s something that’s been released on DVD for a gay porn audience chances are you’re gonna find at least some of it here, among a truly huge collection of DVD’s. It’s not even just the traditional concept of DVD’s either, there are loads of compilation releases from sites like Active Duty too, one of my personal faves.

At the last count, there were 7,800 full DVD’s to download as a member, or you could just choose the scenes from each one individually instead. Every new arrival gets its own page providing all the necessary details about the movie, including the performers (which you can then click to check out everything else they’ve been in on the site, great for guys like me who get a little obsessed with a good performer when I find a new one to drool over). I like to check out the original production date of a DVD and then lament that I remember it and feel old when I realize it was a decade ago. lol

TLA Gay Unlimited Most Watched
The “Most Watched” section at TLA Gay Unlimited offers some great suggestions

A lot of the movies give you the option to buy a physical copy of the DVD. To be honest, this is a VOD streaming and download service, so I can’t imagine you’d be going there to buy an actual DVD, but I guess it’s good if you’re a “traditionalist” and prefer getting porn delivered by mail. Far more relevant are the links for models and studios, giving you an easy way to find more hardcore action from them and in the same vein. I could get lost in there for an eternity just clicking through watching new performers I never knew existed.

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When it comes to playback it doesn’t take a genius to know that older vintage scenes are going to be lower in quality to the fresh content filmed in HD over the last couple of years, but I should point that out before you go and sign up just in case we get angry letters. To be honest, I kinda like the grainy quality of the classic action from the ’80s and ’90s, it adds to the feel of watching a classic.

Newer scenes and DVD’s are delivered at 1000×564, which might not mean much to many who aren’t technically minded, but that’s pretty good quality, better than you might get with a lot of other really popular sites out there.

There are a few things that I really like about TLA Gay Unlimited that might not get a lot of attention… first I love the fact that you can rate and favorite movies, so you can go back and watch them again later, you don’t have to download everything or bookmark your faves in your browser. I also love the fact that you can favorite a performer, letting you monitor when new movies arrive starring them, awesome for all the obsessed stalkers out there. If you use Roku you can access your TLA account there too, which is a bonus.

There are things I can bitch about, but they’re pretty insignificant when compared to the benefits of being a member. I would personally like to see the option to add comments on videos, I think that would add a more “tube-like” feel to it, and maybe add a level of community to the site. I also don’t understand why they don’t link a scene to the full DVD on the scene page, that should be a no-brainer. You can watch all the scenes from a DVD page, so why not link back to the main DVD from the individual scene and just make navigation a little better?

Ultimately that little oversight just means more guys are gonna go straight to the New DVD Releases page and bypass the new scenes altogether. My biggest gripe is that their model pages are so lacking in information. I mean, there’s plenty of info out there to give a little background and some stats about the guys, so why not?

So, my final thoughts… this is where gay porn has been heading for a while, and it’s great to see a couple of leaders in the business really delivering the goods with quality and style. I can’t predict where the business is going to go next, but in a world where the smaller independent studios and sites seem to be struggling, we can all be pretty relieved that these huge libraries of action will still exist no matter what.

Do I think it’s worth the price? It’s $16.66 on the 12-month plan and you get access to 7,800 full DVD’s with more being added every week, so yeah, I definitely think it’s worth the money.

It goes without saying that I hope you’ll sign up there, but even if I weren’t promoting them here it would still be the place I send my mates when they ask me where the best porn can be found. I do get that a lot, by the way, I know a lot of very horny wankers 🙂

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