A Sexy Curious Straight Guy Bottoms For Good Dick!

Watch along and enjoy the show as a curious straight guy bottoms on video for the first time at Jawked!

Guys, I think this might actually be the real deal.

Now, I get why you might be skeptical. We’ve seen a hell of a lot of “straight guy” porn over the years with dudes who are clearly more versed in dick enjoyment than we’re led to believe.

I swear if I see another video of a “straight guy” sucking cock after having watched him ten times on another site under a different name, I might throw my phone from a moving vehicle.

Just for dramatic effect.

But, on this occasion, I think Duncan Sheen might actually be getting his first fucking in this new video.

Maybe I’ve just convinced myself that I can read people when I can’t, but everything about this handsome dude tells me he’s new to all of this.

And he is handsome. He’s a little older than most of their guys at 33, but he’s a good looking dude and he has a nice dick.

We saw him jacking off in his debut video and I remember thinking at the time that he seemed straight.

So, I didn’t really expect to see him sucking cock and getting his ass fucked raw by a lad like Vincent Castle.

They’ve really dropped him in at the deep end with this boy, too. Vincent has a pretty big cock!

The sucking is hot, but again it seems Duncan is new to this. You know how you can just tell when a dude isn’t used to having a cock in his mouth? I get that vibe from him.

He’s definitely not used to having a cock in his ass, though.

At the very least, if he’s not straight, he’s not a bottom usually, either.

If you’ve watched as this curious straight guy bottoms let me know in the comments if you agree he’s genuinely new to this. I want to know!

If you haven’t seen it, click here and take a look.

Take a look at my Jawked review if you’ve never seen the site before, I think it will have a few of you signing up 🙂

Why can’t I find hot straight guys to teach?

You’re still here? Click and enjoy as this curious straight guy bottoms and gets splashed with splooge!

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