Obsessed With The Erotic Male Photography Of TheMaleMuse

We’re doing something a little different with this update, but I know many of you will love this peek at the erotic male photography of TheMaleMuse.

Nude Male Photography

Excuse me for being brutally honest here, but do you ever get bored with the same porn?

Come on, admit it. While there are plenty of hot guys having hot action that we love to watch and wank to (and we’re never gonna stop), sometimes you just want a little more… substance.

Do you know what I mean?

If so, the work of photographer Mark Alan should scratch that itch for you.

I was invited to check out, and I was significantly impressed when I say that.

This guy isn’t just a photographer. He’s a gifted artist.

Excuse the humble brag, but I studied art in college and paint, so I know a few things. This guy is a creator.

He’s followed the path so many other true creators have walked. He plays music, and he’s a writer. He’s worked in mainstream fashion and now erotic male photography… He’s done everything you can imagine a real artist would work their way through before finally pursuing their real passion.

He found his ideal subject in the male form and erotic representations of it.

As you can see from our few photos, he knows exactly how to do it.

Art Meets Erotic Male Photography

It’s not just erotic male photography images, either. He shoots some lovely videos that have a creative and sexy flair to them that you won’t see on any mainstream gay porn site.

They’re far more creative than anything I’ve seen recently. They take me back to the 70s and 80s when porn was more mysterious and grittier. These models are real guys having real sex.

Along with the solo photo shoots, there are nude male art collections with duos, fetish themes, and – my favorite – experimental shots. As you might expect, these are exploratory techniques playing with light or exposure times to create a new visual style.

Thought-Provoking Male Erotic Photography

Erotic Male Photography

There’s work going back decades, fresh models, and new works, with new male erotica projects planned for the near future.

He’s published at least two books of his work, and there will be more male erotic photography to come.

I could probably write about this talented man and his work for days, but I can’t post numerous photos here. I recommend you click here and check it out for yourself.

Whether you want to join the site as a member and help fund these amazing creative endeavors or buy a book of his erotic male photography, I would highly recommend it. Discover the erotic men of Mark Alan and his mastery behind the lens. You will quickly see why he is at the forefront of male erotic photographers worldwide.

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