Kane Fox & Ryder Owens Celebrate Valentine’s Day With A Flip And Fuck!

No doubt a lot of you had a lovely Valentine’s Day, but seeing the hot flip and fuck in Just Be Mine, will make the day after just as much fun!

Next Door Originals: Just Be Mine

Being single, I don’t pay much attention to this particular holiday, but I get that some people really love it. You do you, I guess.

I guess I should clarify so that I don’t sound like a total ass… If I were in a relationship, I would take my significant other out for dinner at their fave restaurant or something.

I’m just not the kind of guy who throws rose petals everywhere and lights candles.

I’d probably burn the place down. lol

While I might not partake myself, I’m not gonna turn down the chance to enjoy a hot flip and fuck session with Kane Fox and Ryder Owens.

You guys already know that I have a thing for hot jock dude Ryder.

I’m not sure what it is about him, but I just think he’s so damn sexy!

Maybe it’s the whole college jock persona he’s got going on? He definitely looks like he was a wrestler in college and probably a frat boy, right? lol

Kane is just as sexy in this duo, though.

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The two are playing the romantic game for this flip fuck video from Next Door Studios.

The boyfriends have had a blazing row, which seems to be a tradition for many people on Valentine’s Day.

Sometimes, though, that kind of heated argument leads to the best make-up sex you could ever have.

Personally, I believe sex with Ryder is going to be good and memorable, no matter what. Nonetheless, I guess fucking each other bareback on a special day like this is going to be pretty high on the list of notable gay flip fuck porn fantasies.

We get to enjoy the show while they swap cocks in some great oral, and the two then take turns to pound each other in the butt.

Enjoy some preview pics below, or click here to watch them celebrate with a flip and fuck to end the day.

Okay, I admit, I would love to spend Valentine’s Day gay flip fuck with either of them, but Ryder especially! 😉

Flip And Fuck Porn Pics

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