Hot Jock Boy Bruce Harrelson Spurts For The Guys!

I think we all have to agree that this is one seriously hot jock boy, and we all want to see a hell of a lot more.

I was absolutely certain we’d already seen and enjoyed gorgeous boy Bruce Harrelson here on the blog, but there’s no sign of him.

I’m wondering if he appeared for another studio under a different name.

I definitely know I’ve seen him before. He’s just so damn handsome. That’s not the kind of face you just forget, right?

According to BelAmi, this handsome boy appeared right after his eighteenth birthday on their Freshmen site, primed and ready to play during his first appearance in front of the camera

I don’t know if Bruce has been in anything else, castings, solos, or otherwise. They kind of suggest that we might see more of him soon and I’m really looking forward to that.

To be honest, while I would love to see him in a duo, I’m actually happy just to see this gorgeous hot jock boy playing with his hooded dick in a solo.

I love a good cum squirting jack-off video when it’s all about a hottie enjoying himself, and this boy definitely delivers the goods in that regard.

You know BelAmi Gay can deliver something special and know how to recruit hot jocks when they see them. Most importantly, they shoot great gay porn hot jocks videos.

It’s one of their photo shoot solo sessions, so the attention is all on sexy Bruce while he plays with his pink hooded dick and shows off his lovely ass.

Will we see him bottom? I doubt it. I think he’s probably straight. A lot of their guys are.

Still, that doesn’t mean we’re not gonna get to see some great sucking and maybe even see him fucking one of the other boys.

Keep those fingers crossed!

Enjoy some hot gay jock porn previews below, or click here to see him pumping his cream over himself! 😉

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