Johnny Ford Enjoys The Flip Fuck Swing With Sexy Elliot Finn!

I love seeing a good intact dick being put to great use. I love it even more when it’s in a raw jock flip fuck like this new scene from Next Door Raw!

Flip Fuck Swing

We’ve seen sexy Johnny Ford and his long, uncut dong in several previous posts.

They’ve been fantastic, but I believe this new scene with horny younger Elliot Finn might be one of his best.

The last time we saw Elliot, he was in a jock boy threesome. We already know he’s down to try all kinds of super horny fun.

For this one, it’s all about the Flip Fuck Swing.

Oh, and the raw jock flip fuck that gets them to the point of spurting their loads off!

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There’s no real story here. Do you need one? I think they can be great, setting the stage and involving a fantasy, but sometimes you need to see some great dick being enjoyed.

These guys are definitely enjoying theirs. 😉

Johnny’s long hooded penis is getting plenty of slurps, and so is fit young Elliot’s delicious dick with some rimming thrown in for good measure.

The boy is up in the swing first, soon being slammed nice and deep with that lovely cock.

After Elliot gets a good “seeing to,” Johnny is eager for the same.

With a little 69 sucking, the boy’s rigid meat fills up his older jock pal’s pucker, and the lad delivers the same kind of ramming in return.

You know the creamy mess they make is gonna be hot. Click here to watch the flip and fuck flick and gush a good messy wad with them!

Raw Jock Flip Fuck Swing Pics

Oh, you’re still here? You should have already joined to watch it! 😉

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