The Thick Jock Cock Of Jim Kerouac

Jim Kerouac has a glorious thick jock cock and the perfect body to pound it into buddies. He really does embody what BelAmi is all about!

Jim Kerouac

Obviously, BelAmi models have a particular aesthetic.

When you see any of their boys or any of their photos, you know the studio immediately. Can you say that about any other gay porn studio in the world?

I can’t think of one other studio that accomplishes this kind of recognition with that kind of ease.

Jim Kerouac is a perfect example of the ideal BelAmi star, too.

He’s so handsome, he has an incredible body and a super horny attitude.

And, of course, he has a lovely thick jock cock to play with and share.

We’ve only seen him on the blog once, and we agree that’s not enough. So, when I saw this little compilation drop, I knew I needed to share it here.

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It’s 20 minutes of fun with one of the sexiest models they’ve ever presented to the world. That’s not easy to say, considering how many stunning young men they’ve discovered over the years.

We start out with equally sexy Vadim Farrell before Jim joins in with his big, meaty dong, but that’s not the only special guest we get.

This is definitely a bit of a diverse compilation. It seems to mostly be stuff we haven’t seen before, backstage and on photo shoots, and that’s always fun to see.

It goes without saying that this kind of cock play video is perfect for getting you enticed.

When you see him rubbing that thick jock cock with his pals and splashing out some hot cream with Vadim at the end, you’ll be clicking on his profile to see all the other videos.

Jim Kerouac’s been in a lot of action.

I would recommend checking out one of the several orgies for a proper overdose of dick. 😉

Enjoy some hot gay porn pics below. Then click here for all the gay Jim Kerouac BelAmi videos!

Jim Kerouac Gay Porn Pics

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