Gay Gym Cruising With Rivals Aiden Masters And Carter Woods!

Everyone loves to see some seriously hot gay gym cruising, and it doesn’t get much hotter than this video from Next Door Studios!

Rivals: Gym Bros

Have you set yourself any New Year resolutions yet?

I bet at least a few of you promise you’ll go to the gym more often, right?

I’m one of those guys. Every single year, I do the same thing. So far, I haven’t really stuck to it so far, but I have been improving!

It wouldn’t be hard to stick to it if I went to a gay cruising gym with Carter Woods or Aiden Masters as members.

While most gay gym cruising is mostly about sneaky hand jobs or sucking in the showers or steam room, these guys are going at it full-force in Rivals: Gym Bros, now available at ASGmax.

Carter is playing the part of the arrogant man who thinks he knows it all.

Unable to keep his opinions to himself or perhaps looking for an excuse to talk to the young blond twunk, he inserts himself with some unwelcome criticism of the boy’s technique.

That’s not all he’s gonna insert! lol

Naturally, blond boy Aiden doesn’t take too kindly to this stranger, telling him he’s doing it wrong, but just as things start to get heated, Carter makes a move that changes the mood entirely.

It seems this handsome jock is more than happy to teach the boy a few new moves, all cock and ass related.

Aiden’s workout methods might need improvement, but his bottoming skills are perfect.

Enjoy some preview gay gym cruising pics from the action, then click here to spot the Gym Bros.

Now, I’m gonna go and contemplate my New Year’s Resolutions and whether I might need to look for gay cruising gyms where the clientele is a little more forthcoming. 😉

Gay Gym Cruising Porn Pics

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