Gay Hairy Muscle Man Jacks Off – Meet New Dude John Barber

Kick back and enjoy the show while this gay hairy muscle man jacks off and spits his cum in a gooey finish! I think this big dude is about to become a fan fave.

Jawked: John Barber

John Barber is the kind of guy we all ogle in the gym.

Or at least I would be staring if I went to the gym often enough to encounter a big guy like him. lol

I’m exaggerating, of course. I do go when I can be bothered, and I have seen and had fun with plenty of guys who aren’t too dissimilar to this big guy.

It seems to me a lot of guys with bods like this like to show off for other men. I ain’t complaining about it!

This hairy muscle man is the new arrival over at Jawked. While we’ve only got this solo jack-off video from him so far, I’m reliably told there’s gonna be a bareback scene with him before the end of the month.

You know I’m gonna be watching that!

So what can I tell you about John after watching this gay hairy muscle man jacking off?

He’s a 34-year-old hunk from the Czech Republic, and it seems he’s completely new to gay porn.

I think he might be straight, too. You know how it goes with guys like him, though. One suck of a cock, and they’re converted. šŸ˜‰

He’s 5’7″ tall and 174 lbs, but I believe that’s probably an underestimate. He looks more muscled than that, right?

Not that it matters. We’re here to watch him rubbing that hooded cock and splashing his cream out.

I already know plenty of you are thinking about all the things you’d love to do with him. You’ll need to get in line because I’m pretty sure about a dozen of their models are gonna want to take a ride on that cock. šŸ˜‰

Check out some hairy muscle man porn pics from his debut below Then click here to watch and wank along while this gay hairy muscle man jacks off and spurts his load!

If you don’t know much about Jawked, click here for my review.

Now, while you’re doing all that, I’m gonna go and contemplate going to the gym. I just know I’m missing out on some hotties, but am I motivated enough? We’ll see. lol

Gay Hairy Muscle Man Porn Pics

Are you still here? Click and watch while this gay hairy muscle man jacks off to a cummy finish!

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