Gay Hotel Sex Is So Hot!

It’s been a while since I indulged but we all know gay hotel sex is damn hot, and these two prove it.

Okay, so, story time…

A few years ago I was on a bit of a road trip with a few friends.

We went to sunny Cornwall, which most of you won’t know but just let me tell you it’s like a surfer’s hangout in the UK.

It’s very hippy-dippy and woo-woo, if you know what I mean.

I don’t think my friends were trying to hook me up with one of their other buddies but that’s what happened.

He decided to join us on the last part of the trip and we got to a hotel room and discovered there was some event happening. So, there was only one room me and this guy had to share.

I wasn’t complaining, this guy was damn hot!

I actually didn’t know if he was gay or straight, but it turned out he was bi. My friends didn’t know this until the next day when I bragged discreetly about the fun we’d had.

So, I know from experience that gay hotel sex can be real hot, and that’s definitely the case for Masyn Thorne and Ashton Silvers in this new video at Next Door Studios.

It’s supposed to be more business than pleasure, but as you can guess it works out well for these two when they’re forced into sharing a room.

What could have been a boring business trip becomes a super hot cock sucking, ass rimming and flip fucking for these young professionals!

I’m guessing they should probably report this new relationship to HR, but i don’t think they would.

Would you?

Check out some of the pics from this gay hotel sex scene and leave a comment if you’ve ever indulged.

I know you have, so confess below 🙂

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