Sporty Gay Hunks Barebacking In Jocks, Socks & Cocks!

We’re going back a few years for this hot collection of sporty gay hunks barebacking and satisfying their horny needs with each other! Check out Jocks, Socks & Cocks at TLA Gay Unlimited.

Sporty gay hunks barebacking in Jocks, Socks & Cocks

Cast list: Benjamin Bradley, Jan Fischer, Joe Foster, Justin Wells, Nelson Troy, Nick Marino, Toby O’Connor, Todd Winters, Trent Atkins

Studio: Catalina Video

I think I’ve probably established by now that I feel like I should have been an American college guy in the 80s or 90s.

If I could build a time machine and go back to any previous era and place, I believe that’s what it would be.

Most people usually say they’d love to go back to the 70s for the music or even back to the age of the dinosaurs.

Screw that! Send me back to the days when it appeared every horny frat boy was bouncing on dick! lol

We’re getting plenty of what we need in this delivery from Catalina, which has to be one of the best studios for this kind of classic gay porn.

It’s four scenes of hard dicked action in almost two full hours of gay hunk bareback slurping, pounding, and cumming.

Some recognizable faces and cocks appear in this movie. I couldn’t name all the guys, but I do remember them being in so much of the best gay porn from that era.

We get threesome fun, locker room action, jock sniffing, and so much more from these retro gay hunk pornstars.

It’s so intensely horny that we don’t even care that some of these guys couldn’t possibly still be college jocks. lol

Check out some stills with these sporty gay hunks barebacking and getting their fill of each other.

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Now, I’m gonna go and get back to work on my time machine. 😉

Vintage Gay Hunks BareBacking

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