Gay Shower Sex Is Risky, But The Dick Down Is Worth It!

Yes, I believe we can all agree that gay shower sex is hot, but it’s also risky. If you have the balance of a drunk giraffe on ice, don’t try this at home. lol

Hot House: The Dick Down

I would love to claim to be some kind of sexual adventurer.

In reality, my idea of “risky” sex is a blow job in the woods or maybe a hand job in the gym showers.

Gay shower porn like this offering from Hot House is what I would call risky from a health and safety point of view. lol

Yes, I know I sound old. I’m one of those people who get anxious just watching a video of someone high up.

If you’re like me and have the physical prowess of a gazelle with an inner ear infection, you probably understand why small things like this make me nervous.

Then again, would you be able to resist the risk of slipping in the shower if the cock belonged to handsome and hunky muscle lad Kyle Fletcher?

Getting this guy’s dong inside you might be worth a sprained limb or three. lol

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Jackson Bell certainly thinks so.

The two are getting wet and horny in the shower when their attention inevitably falls on those lovely throbbing boners.

The two spend a little time enjoying some tasty sucks and a little hole-licking before Jackson is being far too acrobatic for my liking.

Balancing on one leg, with his other raised high against the tiled wall, he gives up his naked pucker for Kyle to slip his bulging tip inside.

He’s soon enjoying a good ramming from his bareback muscle pal.

Thankfully, they ease my concerns when they vacate the confines of their slippery little space for some butt-banging on the vanity. Of course, The Dick Down finishes up with some good gushing cum splashes!

While you’re clicking here to watch some gay shower porn, I’m gonna go and look for tennis balls to put on the legs of my future walking frame. lol

Gay Shower Porn Pics

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