Getting wild with gay triplets in Triple Treats Vol. 1 at TLA Gay Unlimited!

Triple Treats Vol 1 DVD
Visconti Brothers in their first feature of the series

MY RATING: 10/10

Fucking around with twins or triplets is something you see a lot of in the straight fantasy world. However, it’s not too common with gay guys, is it? Maybe it is and I just haven’t been paying much attention. There are only a few examples of it in gay porn that I’ve found, but this hardcore fun with gay triplets the Visconti Brothers is one of the best, and it’s the start of a series!

Triple Treats Vol 1 DVD
Visconti Brothers in their first feature of the series

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Full cast list: Jimmy Visconti, Jason Visconti, Joey Visconti, Enrico Belaggio, Steve Hunt

Studio: Elite Male

Now obviously if you’ve been enjoying porn as long as I have (no, I’m not giving you my age) you’ve probably stumbled across these gay triplets a few times over the years. Understandably, they were massive in the porn business for quite a while and made so many movies I’m tempted to deliver them all on the blog one by one over the next year. I can’t really do that, we’d just become a Visconti fan club if I did, although that’s not a bad thing.

Having called them gay triplets, I don’t think all these them are actually gay. Then again they’re European so I don’t think it matters. lol

What I do know is that none of these three are gonna say no to some good cock play with a dude. No matter their sexuality off-screen. Why aren’t all hot guys like that?

They’re three identical brothers with awesome bodies, eager uncut cocks, and plenty of lust to share between them. The taboo trio really delivers something damn hot when they’re on screen together. Whether it’s just an innocent jack off session between them or some real hardcore ass fucking like in this hour and thirty-minute collection of scenes, you’re guaranteed to get a lot of what you’re hoping for.

I have to admit that I’ve never really fantasized much about the whole twin thing. In truth, I would not be hesitating one second before diving in with these three brothers, given the chance. I usually like to link something I’m writing about to my own personal experiences. With this in mind, I’ve never had the chance to fuck around with brothers so I have nothing to offer in that regard. Feel bad for me, please! lol

They’re joined by another couple of really hot young hunky men in this movie, too. It’s not just about the sexy brothers either. The guys they’ve brought in to play with are just as hot as they are.

Enjoy some of the pics from this movie and click here to watch it in full right now. There are a lot of movies there starring these three brothers. I know what’s going to keep me busy this weekend!

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Visconti Brothers gay triplets Triple Treats gay triplets  gay-triplets-triple-treats-vol-1-at-tla-gay-unlimited

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