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Hot Gay Pics provided gay entrepreneur a lifestyle most only dreamed of. While not for the modest or faint of heart sexually, Bruce was never one to play inside the sandbox. He found that being contrarian had its advantages. Now he is afforded creative license to embrace and express his flamboyant persona.

Bruce wasn’t sure how he got into it, but there he was – into it. Before he knew it, he had a real cottage industry. He made more money with his hot gay pics porn online business than he could as an executive assistant, and that was saying something.

Hot Gay Pics

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The lovely thing about having his own business is everything was a write-off. The gym, his trainer – his hot, muscle-bound trainer with the deep, rich voice like honey – his costumes. He just picked up a boy scout costume that was to die for. It was going to be a best seller, he knew it. While sometimes pushing the envelope taboo-wise, Bruce was adamant about only producing legal age real gay porn.

Bruce put on his running shoes and embarked on a five miler. He had a plan to run down to the boathouse, around the lake and then back. Bruce expected his hot, fit body to be sufficiently sweaty and he would take a thorough shower. He planned to groom himself to take the boy scout pictures to post.

Bruce was making great strides, literally. He made it to them, and it was there that he had to stop and fix his shoe. Bruce, had no idea someone was around when he heard a “Don’t I know you?”
Bruce didn’t get it very often – a viewer recognizing him but he had the feeling that was the case now. The Park Ranger who was dressed in what was a lot like the adult version of his boy scout uniform was a customer, and by the smirk on his face, Bruce guessed a fan.

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“I don’t think so,” said Bruce waiting for the ranger to identify where it was he recognized him from. “I come here to the park a lot. Maybe that’s where you recognize me.”

“I don’t think so,” said the Ranger. “I have a subscription to your Hot Gay Pictures, Photos, Images, GIFs, and Videos Roku channel. That’s where I know you from.”

Bruce blushed. It was because the Ranger was super-hot that he turned beet red. The ranger was fine. He was about four inches taller than he, probably of equal fitness but on the Ranger, it looked a lot better.

“Thanks for watching,” he said. “Glad you enjoy.”

“No, no, no. Thank you,” said Ranger.

He kept flirting, and so it was hard for Bruce to resume his run, but he wanted to. Bruce needed to. He had to post his boy scout pictures. Bruce had a tight schedule to keep. That was the key to his seductive gay porn Roku channel success.

Hot Gay Pictures

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But feeling the sexual gaze of the intensely gorgeous park ranger, stirred him. He felt his dick getting hard. He was about to embarrass himself if he didn’t think of something so unappealing to make himself go limp.

“I have to be going,” said Bruce. “Happy watching.”

“Damn straight,” said the Ranger.

Bruce practically skipped all the way home. He replayed the exchange with the hot guy all the way back. He re-worked their conversation so that he came off cooler, more sophisticated, even sexier. Once in his apartment, he stripped down naked and wished the park ranger was there with him. He didn’t know what he wanted more, to be bathed by the Ranger or to bathe the Ranger.

Bruce filled up the tub with hot, steaming water and decided he would take some pictures of that as well. He was going to make this blistering seductive gay porn and dedicated to the Park Ranger. It was going to be a total come on the stud.

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Seductive Gay Porn Blowjob

He poured his favorite Niven Morgan bath and body products into the water so that his nostrils were filled with the rich, manly fragrance. He had a remote so that he could press a button and have the camera snap a picture. The camera was suspended from the shower curtain. To the side of that, he had a mirror so he could see what he looked like. When the water was full, and the soapy water was up around his neck, Bruce made come-fuck-me eyes at the camera.

He lifted his massive dick, now glistening with soap. It grew hard in his grip. He might not have been as tall as the Ranger, but he was sure he was as hung or even more so. He was very proud of his shaft.

“Hey Park Ranger,” he teased. “I have some hot wood, and I think it’s about to catch fire.”

It was a cheesy line, but Bruce was sure that if the ranger were in his living room and they were making out, the line would work like a charm. He would be fucking the Park Ranger in no time. He closed his eyes and imagined that his hand was the Park Ranger’s hand.

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He imagined that he had been running and that when he reached the boathouse, the Ranger had to question him.

“This is all routine,” the Ranger would say.

He would press his palms against the roughhewn lumber of the all-purpose shed, hung with boats, canoes, paddles and then the park office itself. The tall Park Ranger would pat him down very thoroughly. He kicked Bruce’s feet wide so that the seam of his pants would be tight against his burgeoning cock.

Bruce was intensely hard thinking about getting thoroughly searched by the Park Ranger. He wanted to give in to cumming, but he wanted to make a nice video. His hand was slick on his dick, the soap made him slippery. He worked his shaft up and down just enough to keep it going but not enough to make him spurt.

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Finally, he let go. Bruce jacked it, running his hand up and down like a piston on his hard, horny cock. He fountained in the water, spurting upward with such force. His hips bucked upward as his hot load shot. He moaned.

Bruce cut the camera and drained the tub. He showered, to rinse the body washed from his skin and toweled off. He dressed in his boy scout uniform. Now, this uniform was more like a khaki bikini bottom that was tight and form-fitting around his package. It showcased his muscled thighs.

The shirt was a tearaway – it looked like a standard uniform, but it was put together with Velcro so that he could reveal his cut form in a moment’s notice.

In his video, he played like he was getting ready for his scouting meeting. He had on his khaki briefs and his hat and was ironing the rest of his uniform. Bruce did a lot of extended poses. He cocked his butt outward from the bed, flexing his tight muscles in almost Yoga puppy pose. Bruce pretended to drop a badge, and he bent over, touching his toes to pick it up. He took a very long time.

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Gay Porn Star Colby Keller

Bruce knew that his balls were hanging out of his ultrashort khakis and that his cheeks tightened up this way.

He wanted so badly to be drilled at that moment. He had intended to hold the pose so that it would entice his viewers but the thought that his Park Ranger – “Studly Do-Right” – should be ass-fucking him in this pose gave Bruce a mega-boner. The tightness of the khakis was constricting his hard-on.

He was liking it and not loving it, and it was kind of messing up his mojo.

So he went with it. He lifted his head up slowly so that he wouldn’t get a significant blood rush and presented to his viewing audience his mammoth hard on. The head of his cock peeked out of the waist of his scout- “shorts.”

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Hot Gay Pics

He polished his shoes, and then he rubbed his knob. Bruce finished his legal age boy scout gay porn fantasy with raging ejaculation. He crumpled on his bed, spent. While the bliss of his powerful orgasm was bathing him, his head was filled with his Ranger. When he was able to walk and think straight, he cleaned up and drove down to the boathouse at the park. For this reason, he just about missed him.

“Hi there,” he said. “I am about to get off.”

“I already did,” said Bruce in a seductive tone. “Come have dinner with me and I will show you some of my ideas for my next Hot Gay Pics!”

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