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First, before I do anything else, I need to ask you guys what you consider BIG.

I was having an argument with someone a couple of days ago about size.

He insisted that anything under 9 inches isn’t hung, and I couldn’t believe it! I’m sure his brain has been affected by watching too much gay porn. lol

The average is like 5.5″ or 6,” I’m sure of it. So, in my opinion, anything above 7.5 is hung. Maybe I’m wrong? Let me know in the comments.

Before you do, you’ll probably want to check out this hung cammer.

His name is Zaid Dualah, and he’s a 22-year-old big dick gay Latino gay guy from Colombia.

It’s actually nice finding a cammer who knows he’s into dudes and doesn’t pretend to be curious or straight. lol

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This lean and smooth dude has an uncut 8-inch cock to show off and play with.

It seems he knows how to deliver a good live sex show. He’s brand new and getting plenty of lovely comments from his fans.

He’s into a lot of things. Fans big dick Latino gay cams love his adventurous attitude and role-playing.

The hung cammer is also into delivering some kinks for his big dick cam fans. You can see him cumming on sneakers and leather shoes. That’s not my kind of thing, but I’m always happy to see a dude really enjoying his cock and making a mess. 😉

Check out some pics from his model profile, but click here to see more. I think we might have to catch up with him again in a few months and see how popular he’s become!

Hung Cammer Zaid Dualah

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