Hung Top Xander Gomez Spies Jack Allen In Shower Showoff!

You know what happens next. This hung top boy can’t say no to the sight of his buddy hard and rubbing it. Would you be able to ignore it?

Shower Showoff

You must admit that you would gladly watch if you had handsome jock dude Jack Allen happily showing off in the shower.

We all would.

Hung top lad Xander Gomez can’t divert his gaze when he spies him soaping up in Shower Showoff.

Is it true that all dudes get hard in the shower? It seems to be.

I think most men take the opportunity to rub one out, right?

It’s definitely the case at almost every gym I’ve ever been to. In fact, the small gym I go to now (not as often as I should) is quite well known for shower exhibitionism. 😉

I’m not saying I participate in such, of course. lol

It is nice to be cleaning up after a workout and discovering the dude in the cubicle across from you has a stiff one to please and doesn’t seem to mind an audience.

I sometimes wonder if almost all guys have a little bit of a gay exhibitionist streak. It doesn’t even seem to matter if a dude is straight or more open-minded.

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Luckily for this hung top, it leads to more than just a display.

When Jack discovers he has an audience and sees that big uncut cock being wanked in appreciation, he’s soon joining his friend for a cock swapping slurp.

I would be quite happy with just some head, but you know Jack is down for more than just a feast of oral.

With his jock butt licked and their dicks rigid and dripping, he’s soon getting his ass filled in, and Xander is pounding him good and deep all over the bed.

Check out the pics below and click here for the video while I go and consider an evening visit to the gym. 😉

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Hung Top Porn Pics

Are you still here? Click to see Jack taking that hung top cock in his bare butt!

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