Locker Room Cruising – Colton Reece Enticed By Max Lorde!

There’s so much to consider when you’re locker room cruising and checking out other dudes hoping for some fun. Maybe this post will be more informative than just horny. lol

Redheaded hunk Max Lorde is soaping up in the open showers when fellow sportsman Colton Reece arrives to check him out.

Of course, the dude can’t help but grope his swelling cock in his jockstrap while watching the naked stud.

It’s not the subtle kind of locker room cruising we’re all used to. It’s really hot to watch though.

I don’t know what it’s like where you are but here in the UK it usually starts with boners bouncing for display and curious eyes checking it out.

Reciprocal erections usually lead to more.

Open shower stalls invite attention, seemingly accidental erections entice a viewer to get hard too.

A little jack off display might then lead to hand jobs, which leads to sneaky sucking while checking to make sure no one else is offended.

Spoiler – almost no one is. You’re more likely to be harassed by other hard cocks wanting to get involved.

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The subtle dance isn’t required for this hardcore video.

As soon as Max gets a look at that hard footballer cock he’s joining Colton on the bench and the two feast on those hard throbbing erections.

Both guys get plenty of dick to suck, showing off their slurping skills for each other and enjoying the taste of the juicy pre leaking from their tips.

With a little rimming of Max’s hole, Colton is taking this locker room cruising session all the way.

He jabs his bareback cock between those cheeks and gives Max an awesome fucking.

I’m not suggesting you ever try this when you’re engaged in some locker room cruising of your own.

Most of the time it’s all jerking and sucking at cruisy gyms, especially here in the UK.

Having said that, if you ever find yourself alone with another horny dude like this maybe you’ll get down to slamming ass and shooting those loads out, too?

You be the judge, I guess.

Check out some pics of the action and click here for the full video.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and see if my local cruisy gym is fully open again yet. It’s been too long.

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